Vienna Insurance Group Places EUR 400 Million Bond Issue

Vienna Insurance Group places EUR 400 million bond issue / Picture: © Vienna Insurance Group / Robert Newald

Retail investors may also invest into this subordinated bond issue of VIG via their custodians.

The subscription period for retail investors starts 24 February 2015 and will presumably end on 26 February 2015.

The subordinated bond has a maturity of 31 years and will have a first regular call date in year 11.

• Coupon: 3.75 percent p.a. for 11 years and floating thereafter
• Maturity: 31 years

The coupon pays 3.75 percent p.a. for the first 11 years and thereafter a floating interest rate.

The subordinated bond is accountable as Tier 2 under Solvency II.

Settlement and trading of the subordinated bond on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (ISIN AT0000A1D5E1) is expected to commence on 2 March 2015.

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