4 militants, ranger killed in Narithiwat fighting

Cho Airong Hospital on Mar 13, used as a bottom for an conflict on a infantry bottom on Mar 13. (Bangkok Post record photo)

NARATHIWAT — Four militants and one ranger were killed during an extended operation when a confidence force prisoner an mutinous stay in alpine Chanae district on Wednesday morning.

Led by Col Pasit Chanlekha, commander of a 46th Rangers Regiment, a corner infantry and troops force scoured a towering operation nearby I-kros encampment in tambon Chang Phuak of Chanae district.

They were behaving on information an armed section of a RKK separatist transformation had set adult a proxy stay there, scheming to control armed activities during a Muslim Ramadan festival, due to start on Jun 6.

This RKK section was believed to have seized Cho Airong Hospital on Mar 13, used as a bottom for an conflict on an operations bottom of  Rangers Company 4816.

Gunmen non-stop glow on a supervision force as it approached a aim area. The infantry responded in kind and a dual sides clashed for about 20 minutes, after that a insurgents retreated.

The bodies of 3 militants were found in a area.  Two of them were identified as Lukman Laleburing and Buraheng Awaema, both wanted underneath detain warrants for a seizure of Cho Airong Hospital.  The third passed belligerent was not identified.

The rangers found dual AK47 and dual M16 rifles, hammocks, garments and a vast apportion of medical reserve in a proxy camp, that comprised 18 huts.

Col Pasit sent a commando group from Rangers Company 4603 to pursue a journey insurgents.  Trails of blood found in a area led to a faith that a series of insurgents had been wounded.  

Another 10-minute strife subsequently occurred in an area joining Chanae and Rangae districts. A ranger, Anusak Amrod, and an unclear insurgent were killed.

Later in a afternoon, Maj Gen Manee Chanthip, emissary commander of a 4th Army, flew by helicopter to a operations bottom of Rangers Company 4605 in Chanae district for a full briefing.

At a press conference, Col Yuthanam Phetmuang, emissary orator of Region 4 Internal Security Operations Command, reliable that dual of a slain militants, Lukman and Buraheng, were concerned in a seizure of Cho Airong Hospital on Mar 13.

Lukman had also shot passed a ranger, Chaisit Malai, during Luboyo encampment in tambon Chuap of Cho Airong district on Jul 19, 2015, he said.

The 4 infantry attack rifles seized during a proxy stay would be examined to see if they were among a weapons stolen from a 4th Development Battalion in Cho Airong district on Jan 4, 2014  or during  raids on other bases.

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Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/security/997761/4-militants-ranger-killed-in-narithiwat-fighting

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