A cosy home studio in Nonthaburi

With their singular P./Again being lauded as Best Song on Thailand’s iTunes Best of 2015, beat-makers Charlie Nipanan and Piruntar Kalasanimi have emerged from a bedroom studio onto a large stage. DCNXTR (reads De Connextor) creates their fortifying electronic dream cocktail strain here in this studio that was once Charlie’s bedroom. The twin are now scheming a set list for a arriving Bukruk Music Festival on Jan 23.

Charlie Nipanan and Piruntar Kalasanimi, collectively famous as DCNXTR, during their studio.

What are a categorical perks of carrying a home studio?

Charlie: The best partial is that we don’t have to invert to work any day. My residence is utterly distant [from Central Bangkok], really. At slightest we don’t have to rubbish dual hours on a road.

Piruntar: But we have to expostulate like 20km any week [Charlie laughs]. Now we have live acts to perform, so we come here during slightest any Sunday to rehearse. we cite rehearsing here anyway. we don’t like going to strain operation spaces given a carpets smell [laughs].

What do we like about this studio?

Before a CD release, DCNXTR debuted their fulllength manuscript Connext in a 100-piece limited-edition USB box set that sole out during Fungjai’s Hedsod #2 in Jun 2015.

Piruntar: It’s cosy. I’ve been unresolved out here for years given being in a former rope [Revenge of a Cybermen]. I’ve been entrance here so mostly that it’s turn my second home. I’m used to all here already — these yellow walls, a shelves and everything. we also like this neighbourhood, generally a internal flea marketplace only nearby.

So we make strain here?

Piruntar: When essay a new song, Charlie comes adult with a severe breeze and we afterwards start throwing in new sounds by promulgation a lane behind and onward between us.

Charlie: We started to get used to this operative process when we was study [electronic strain production] in a US. So we emailed any other once we combined new element to a tune.

Piruntar: I’m some-more prolific when we spend my time alone and work on my tools during home. But some of a works also happened here casually while we were rehearsing. We finished essay and creation a demo of Summer Rain in one day.

Tell us some-more about a interior.

Charlie: Everything adds adult only naturally. When we wanted these wall shelves, for example, we bought reclaimed timber panels and asked a blacksmith in a community to make it. Nothing fancy. There are a lot of used equipment here in further to my selected keyboard collection. we also sell used American seat as a hobby. So infrequently we get cold things on a inexpensive from my friends who are in a circle.

How does this sourroundings boost your impulse or unrestrained to work?

Piruntar: we cite operative in a place we feel gentle in. we frequency ever come adult with new ideas in other operation spaces. When we work here and feel bored, we can only collect adult some toys to play and provoke people. It’s only some-more comfy and relaxing.

Among a outrageous collection of tiny toys and selected total found via a space is this nanoblock keyboard Piruntar gave Charlie as a birthday present.

During rehearsals, Charlie sits during his workstation with a Mopho x4 keyboard and other musicmaking staples while Piruntar plays on synths on a sagging-yet-comfy sofa. ‘I unequivocally like it. It’s my many favourite partial of a room,’ she says.

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