AIS launches WiFi couple with Starbucks

AIS arch handling officer Hui Weng Cheong (left) and Murray Darling, handling executive of Starbucks Coffee (Thailand), attend a launch yesterday of their partnership to produce giveaway WiFi during 258 Starbucks branches nationwide.

With a arise of WiFi as a viable choice to mobile mobile networks, mobile personality Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) is aggressively boosting a wireless network coverage nationwide.

The pierce by a country’s largest mobile user is also an bid to offload information trade from a mobile network and well hoop a outrageous expansion of mobile information traffic.

“We devise to boost a series of a WiFi hotspots from 120,000 to 160,000 this year and boost it to 200,000 by 2017,” pronounced Hui Weng Cheong, AIS’s arch handling officer.

AIS will continue building business partnerships opposite industries, generally among grill chains, in a expostulate to raise a WiFi network to offer a changing poise of consumers who cite regulating WiFi over mobile connectors since of a cheaper and faster use.

AIS has so distant assimilated hands with several restaurants and famous food bondage such as Pizza Hut and Swensen’s of Minor Food Group, Amazon Cafe, Burger King and McDonald’s.

AIS yesterday announced a latest partnership with Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) to produce giveaway WiFi entrance during 258 Starbucks branches national with no registration.

Mr Hui pronounced charity giveaway WiFi entrance will raise a digital lifestyle of AIS business and assuage a company’s network overload in information networking.

Thailand’s mobile information volume has been increased by successful expansion of mobile applications and national fourth-generation high-speed wireless broadband networks, he said.

Mr Hui pronounced open WiFi has increasingly became an constituent partial of a mobile network plan to urge operators’ income produce and revoke network costs in sequence to conduct a expansion of information profitably.

Murray Darling, handling executive of Starbucks Coffee (Thailand), pronounced a association was essay to be a networked code by building relations with business and partners by platforms such as Starbucks Card, Starbucks Rewards, Starbucks mobile apps and giveaway WiFi.

Mr Hui pronounced AIS was watchful for grave capitulation from a house of directors to join a new auction turn for a 900-megahertz spectrum on May 27. A fortitude is approaching in a subsequent few days.

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