AIS set to bind 900MHz licence

Takorn Tantasith (second right) secretary-general of a National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), accepts a focus from Suthichai Cheunchoosil, AIS comparison vice-president for business family and development, for AIS to be a sole bidder during subsequent week’s restart of a final 4G auction. (Bangkok Post photo)

Advanced Info Service (AIS) looks set to be named leader of a 900-megahertz spectrum re-auction subsequent week, after a tip attention actor done good on a oath to take adult a looseness dispossessed by JAS Mobile Broadband.

It has now turn transparent that dual other players, Total Access Communication (DTAC) and True Move, will not take partial in a quarrelsome 900MHz auction, whose initial iteration saw JAS win a licence, usually to default on a initial remuneration of 8.04 billion baht, and bank guarantees, for a remaining sum.

AIS, by a auxiliary Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), submitted a behest papers for a 900MHz auction to a National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Wednesday, usually dual hours before a 4.30pm deadline.

In one attention veteran’s view, AIS was forced to make a bid this time “in sell for an prolongation of a right to keep a existent 400,000-strong 2G patron base”.

The supervision has authorised AIS to continue charity a 2G mobile services on a 900MHz network (previously owned by AIS) until Jun 30 or until a leader of a new 900MHz auction is announced, by invoking special powers underneath Section 44, a law that gives Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha a management to emanate orders formed on inhabitant confidence interests.

The state has also used Section 44 to sequence a re-auction of a 900MHz spectrum on May 27.

A high-ranking supervision central pronounced AIS had no choice yet to take partial in a new auction turn if a association wanted to enter into a partnership with TOT Plc to yield 3G use on a state telecom enterprise’s possess 2100MHz spectrum.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) was founded Apr 24, 1986, by then-struggling ex-police officer Thaksin Shinawatra. He sole it to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings in 2006.

Although AIS already sealed a chit of bargain with TOT in March, no partnership agreement appears to exist.

The understanding with TOT was usually a hearing agreement, not a blurb use launch, a supervision central said.

“AIS needs to follow adult on a oath to high-ranking authorities to take partial in a re-auction in sell for being authorised to keep a 2G patron base,” a central said.

AIS contingency bid for a 4G looseness during a new haven cost — JAS’s winning bid of 75.65 billion baht. The association can immediately bind a looseness during that cost during a initial 20-minute round.

AIS usually has a sum 30MHz from a 2100MHz and 1800MHz licences. The association could supplement another 10MHz of bandwidth on a 900MHz spectrum to a portfolio, bringing a sum bandwidth sum to 40MHz after a re-auction.

DTAC has a sum 50MHz of active handling bandwidth, yet that series will almost dump to usually 15MHz after a benefaction with CAT Telecom expires in 2018.

Third-ranked user True Move has a sum 55MHz of bandwidth on a 900-, 1800-, 2100- and 850MHz bands (the final of that is underneath a agreement with a prior benefaction owner, CAT Telecom).

AIS now has 40 million subscribers, while DTAC has 25.5 million users and True Move 20.4 million.

While AIS and True have picked adult behest papers for a 900MHz auction, True Move opted out of subsequent week’s May 27 re-auction, observant it has a extensive spectrum portfolio with sufficient bandwidth to yield fit wireless broadband use for a subsequent 3-5 years.

True also pronounced it wanted to revoke a financial bearing of a mobile business and foster a rival sourroundings in a industry.

The company’s auxiliary True Move H Universal Communication won a second looseness for a 900MHz spectrum in December’s auction for 76.29 billion baht.

Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of a NBTC, pronounced a regulator’s telecom cabinet will announce a competent bidders by May 23. AIS has to take partial in a ridicule auction on May 25.

The re-auction of a 900MHz spectrum will take place on May 27, with a regulator announcing a leader within 7 days of a auction.

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