Austria: ‘Great Britain will substantially be Little Britain’

“If we demeanour during other countries, we can change these decisions by parliament. And we wish a knowledge of a parliamentarians will give a new superintendence for leaving, and not to make a Brexit,” regressive Finance Minister Hans Jörg Schelling (ÖVP) told reporters before a assembly of European financial ministers in Brussels.

Schelling, who formerly pronounced that he suspicion a whole of Britain would stay in, recently told German journal Handelsblatt he can now suppose a conditions whereby Scotland and Northern Ireland sojourn in a EU.

”Scotland, Northern Ireland are not going; they are expected to sojourn in a Union and Great Britain will substantially turn Little Britain,” he said.

‘No special privileges’

Austrian MEP and vice-president of European Parliament Ulrike Lunacek has pronounced a UK can design no special privileges while negotiating their exit from a EU in an scarcely hardline position from a Green politician.

Speaking to FM4, Lunacek pronounced that she wants a UK to plead Article 50, that would trigger a exit negotiations with a EU, as shortly as possible.

“If it’s usually finished during a commencement of subsequent year, we’ll have a finish of those dual years right during a commencement of a European choosing campaign,” she said. “What do we wish to tell adults if we don’t finalise that before, if there’s no clarity? Will a UK elect MEPS or not?”

She combined that a UK can't design to have entrance to a markets though leisure of movement, observant that it “simply won’t work”.

“It can usually be something that already exists like a European mercantile area – also carrying to compensate though no approach of conversion a preference making,” she said.

“I urge a rather despotic chronicle given we can't start for years negotiating maybe we get that and another member state decides good maybe we do that as well, and afterwards we wish to have something else.”

“We have so many other crises we’re confronting during a moment. We need to remonstrate adults again that a European Union is there for them not a other approach around. we do not see that any special privileges can be given to a UK given of their decision.”

The Green MEP, who has been vice-president of a European Parliament given 2014, has also formerly told The Local that there should be no “deals finished between member states behind sealed doors”.

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