Austrians guilty of infancy of sex offences in Austria

In total, there were 986 sentences handed down due to sex-related offences, including those associated to publishing offences, passionate abuse and rape.

Of these, 782 offences (79.3%) were carried out by Austrian citizens, according to a supervision data.

The remaining 20.7% were carried out by adults of other countries, including 89 (9%) offences by EU citizens, 32 (3.2%) by adults of former Yugoslavian countries, and 31 (3.1%) by Turkish offenders.

Offences carried out by adults of Afghanistan and Nigeria done adult 1.3% and 0.7% respectively of a sum number, with a remaining sentences handed out to adults of ‘other nationalities’.

The immeasurable infancy of offences associated to publishing involving minors, that accounted for 208 of a sum offences.

The statistics follow several high form cases of passionate attacks in Austria carried out by haven seekers, heading to calls for confidence in swimming pools and in some cases bans on refugees from entering pools.

A box during a finish of final year whereby a ten-year-old was raped in a swimming pool toilets in Theresienbad in Vienna led to discussions between city officials and military on improving security.

Training was supposing by authorities to employees of swimming pools before a summer deteriorate began on how to recognize passionate assault and forestall it from happening. 

A few weeks ago, a fake explain by a 13-year-old lady that she was pounded by a ‘foreigner’ in a swimming pool in Mistelbach led to a manager temporarily banning all refugees from entering a premises.

It emerged a few days later, however, that a teen had done adult a attack.

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