B10 biodiesel to be rolled out nationwide

An attendant during a PTT petrol hire prepares to offer a customer. Energy policymakers devise for B10 biodiesel, a mix of 10% palm oil and 90% diesel, to be commercially accessible national by 2018. PATTARAPONG CHATPATTARASILL

Policymakers are scheming for a blurb sale of B10 biodiesel national by 2018, according to a Energy Policy Administration Committee (Epac).

The use of a fuel, a mix of 10% palm oil and 90% diesel, is partial of a National Alternative Energy Development Plan to lift renewable use to 30% over a subsequent few years, adult from 12% during present.

Thailand now sells B7, a mix of 7% palm oil and 93% diesel.

Twarath Sutabutr, a director-general of a Energy Policy and Planning Office, pronounced a B10 will be constructed by hydrogenating greasy poison methyl esters (H Fame), that could be concordant with existent diesel engine vehicles.

Diesel engines in Thailand are now usually B7 compatible. The country, however, is on lane to investigate means of creation all diesel engines B10, and even B20 compatible, in a future.

To inspire motorists to use B10, policymakers are deliberation taxation incentives to make a fuel some-more attractive, he said.

B10 use for vehicles employed by state agencies and a troops will be imperative when a fuel mix is introduced. B7 will sojourn commercially accessible as an alternative.

“The investigate and doing of industrial standards might take one year, and blurb sales will follow a few months thereafter,” pronounced Mr Twarath.

Targeted direct for pristine biodiesel is 14 million litres a day by 2035, adult from 4.23 million litres during present.

Biodiesel was initial introduced in Thailand in 2001 during 5% concentration, with blurb sales starting in 2005.

Trial tests regulating B20 with aged trucks were initial conducted in 2013, though an movement devise to inspire a blurb prolongation and sale of a fuel formed on those tests was put on reason due to a fall of tellurian oil prices.

Pure biodiesel averages 34.65 baht per litre, compared to 24.09 baht for B7.

Meanwhile, Epac yesterday sought to inspire a use of solar rooftops in residential, blurb and bureau buildings by waiving a energy metre price by a Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and a Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).

The price on residential properties is 10,000 baht, while factories and blurb buildings are charged 15,000 baht during volumes reduce than 12 kilovolts.

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