Bang for your baht?

For a overworked masculine like Korn, his categorical concentration is perplexing to contend a change between his work and personal life while gripping everybody around him happy.

“What can be some-more critical in life than behaving good during work and being a superman when I’m with my wife?” pronounced Korn, 39, who works as a manager in a private zone supervising hundreds of people.

He spends many of his day during work and has tiny time left to take caring of himself or exercise. Despite this, his ubiquitous health is good with a disproportion of high blood vigour and cholesterol. But there is one annoying health emanate he is confronting that he is too bashful to speak to his alloy about.

 “I am an worker of a year during work, though we destroy when it comes to bedroom things during home,” Korn admitted. He suffers from erectile dysfunction though is too ashamed to revisit a doctor. Instead of removing veteran help, Korn went online and found what he believes is a ideal and shame-free solution.

He purchased men’s health food supplements, or “virility pills”, from a website proclaiming they can solve a problems of group like him. “I’ve been holding a tablets for dual months and they seem to work,” he pronounced proudly.

Korn is partial of a flourishing series of group branch to concentration pills — mostly marketed as dietary supplements — to solve passionate problems such as erectile dysfunction and beforehand ejaculation. But concerns have been lifted by health experts over a efficiency of a pills, their mixture and breaches of promotion laws laid down by a food and drug watchdog.


“Stronger, harder and final longer,” a concentration inscription promotion boasts to a legions of unfortunate group crippled by flagging hope. Korn bought a message, along with a one-month supply to try.

He was betrothed by a website a concentration pills are “100% natural”, so he phoned a advertised number.

“I called a call centre and talked to them about a product to make certain that it’s right for me. Once we felt protected with it, we systematic one bottle value 2,200 baht,” Korn explained.

Within an hour of a phone call, a smoothness masculine arrived during his bureau on a motorcycle and handed over a brownish-red pouch with a bottle containing 30 tablets of a “enhancement supplemental”. Korn paid a money, non-stop a pouch and review a instructions before popping his initial pill.

“I could see a vast disproportion within a week of holding a tablets,” Korn said. “I feel many softened about myself and my mother is many happier too.”

But not all business are as impressed. A 28 year aged who systematic a identical product after saying them advertised online pronounced he couldn’t see a outrageous alleviation in his performance. “All it does is assistance boost my self-confidence,”  pronounced a immature masculine who asked to sojourn anonymous.


Niyada Kietying-angsulee, programme manager for a Drug System Monitoring Mechanism Development Centre, pronounced a reason food supplements are renouned and straightforwardly accessible is given they are simply approved.

The Food and Drug Administration specifies that all food and drugs contingency be purebred before they are put on sale. Food is reduction formidable to register than a drug and many forms don’t need registration. However, “supplemental foods” can't publicize their properties and health benefits. All promotion is theme to capitulation by a FDA.

“We found that there are many supplemental foods, herbal drinks and fruit juices violation a law in terms of adding a health advantages and properties to sell their products,” Dr Niyada said. “One form of media that spreads these messages simply is websites.”

Dr Niyada pronounced there were also concerns that dangerous products were combined to supplemental dishes sole in Thailand. Sibutramine, a weight suppressant related to heart attacks and criminialized in many countries, had been found in diet pills, while sildenafil, a general name for Viagra, had been rescued in food supplements. Dr Niyada warned that sildenafil indispensable to be safely prescribed by a alloy for particular patients.

Her biggest concerns, however, were herbal drinks and normal Thai medicine, that don’t need to be registered. Dr Niyada found many of a products combined additional mixture such as womanlike hormones and steroids.

Another problem was a low penalties for a producers of supplemental products found to have additional substances.    

“The Thai FDA should severely make a law in sequence to control food and drugs,” she said. “We have so many people stating products in upcountry areas regulating feign FDA registration numbers. We need to safeguard a reserve of people.”

Patchara Klaewkla from a Foundation for Consumers pronounced products display an FDA registration series don’t pledge safety.

“For me, a registration series customarily means that we don’t die immediately after we take it,” he said. “It doesn’t meant that a products are protected or we are not going to die if we take it on a long-term basis.”  


While a promotion of supplemental dishes needs FDA approval, a internet is formidable to manipulate compared to other media.

The Foundation for Consumers is operative with a Office of a National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to try and find lawbreakers.

Mr Patchara pronounced it’s a vital plea to control all drug and food products as many sellers take advantage of diseased law coercion and a miss of monitoring.

“We are now operative on radio and radio promotion content, generally wire and satellite TV,” Mr Patchara said. “The food and drug promotion on TV has turn a vast problem as we have so many wire and satellite TV channels.”

Mr Patchara found supplemental food products that publicize on radio customarily elaborate their qualities.

In a regulations, a FDA privately mentions that food products have no properties to “heal, heal or provide people pang from illness”, distinct drugs.

“It is easier to control a calm on TV and radio given a NBTC can devaluate their looseness to broadcast,” he said. “But internet adverting is a lot some-more formidable to control. If we tighten down their website, they can open another page a following day.”

Many TV shows by-pass a manners by mouth-watering a deputy of a food products to foster them during an interview, that doesn’t need any approval.


The satellite and wire TV channel advertisements for masculine concentration products always use appealing women as presenters who regard group with a clever sex drive.

“ ‘Harder, bigger and stronger’ are really not authorised in a adverts as supplemental food products have no drug properties,” pronounced Mr Patchara. “They can simply be investigated.

“All of a promotion for concentration pills that we see online or on TV is illegal. It’s probable that when these products are registered, they use opposite labels to put on a product. The FDA won’t approve it if they see what they discuss in a advertising.”

Mr Patchara monitored a promotion on free-to-air TV channels and found that many of a adverts are for diet products. The calm is dark within a unchanging TV programming during a luminary interview. Most of a controversial promotion on wire and satellite TV relates to masculine concentration products.

“From 18 advertisements we screened in one day, we found 10 for men’s passionate grace products,” he said. “What scares me a many is many of them are not legally registered. we know that some of these products have had their looseness revoked, though they only put their products on TV for sale anyway.”

The Foundation for Consumers analysed a concentration tablets and found that many had churned sildenafil with other ingredients.

“Just keep in mind that there is no food that can give we behind your concentration if we are not holding caring of yourself and operative on it with a professional,” Mr Patchara said.     


Chatmongkol Khemapirat is authority and arch casting officer for Bunny Ventures, a association that owns a famous Playboy Thailand magazine. It also markets what it calls a dietary addition product for group that has considerably softened a company’s financial bottom line. The association also sells skin whitening and dietary pills. Mr Chatmongkol describes all 3 as herbal products.

Last year a 3 products combined 30% to a company’s revenue, a infancy from a masculine dietary addition that is sole online. A representation box of a masculine dietary addition lists 3 ingredients: cordyceps sinensis powder (a Chinese fungus remove used in normal medicine), ginseng powder and kaempferia parviflora powder (Thai ginseng that some cruise a healthy aphrodisiac).

The box creates no explain as to a purpose of a pills other than to contend it is a “tonight formula” and should be taken with comfortable H2O “on an dull stomach one hour in advance”.

On a product’s website a claims are distant some-more explicit. “If we are not assured with yourself, your penis is small, eat only one inscription daily, a blood dissemination will run routinely and boost a pumping of stored blood. As a result, a penis will turn incomparable and stronger, permanently, though timorous after use. It will be tough, durable and large. It will make it final slower though any side effect.”

The dietary addition is also marketed around a Playboy models’ amicable media accounts, whose supporters can series in a millions.

Mr Chatmongkol pronounced sex is partial of a Playboy lifestyle, that is since a pills are offered well.

He pronounced a association had sole masculine supplemental products before though a stream one was some-more renouned given of a “premium peculiarity Chinese and Thai herbs”.

Mr Chatmongkol pronounced Bunny Ventures guard their online promotion to make certain that they don’t mangle a promotion laws underneath a Food Act. He pronounced while they used Playboy bunnies to publicize a product they avoided exaggeration in a approach some other companies do.

Mr Chatmongkol pronounced a trend for masculine supplemental food has altered a lot. Initially, their categorical aim marketplace was group aged over 40 with health problems. It afterwards shifted to group aged 30 and above who were overweight and don’t have adequate time to take caring of themselves. In a past year, a trend has changed to group in their twenties who are still healthy though use a product to raise their ability in bed.

“It seems to change a purpose from being a problem solver to being a certainty builder for men,” Mr Chatmongkol said.

“We discuss on a website clearly a effects of a product. Just like food that we take in a body, it has side effects and it stays in a body. It does work, though we don’t suggest anyone take it on a daily basement long-term. You should let your physique rest from any supplemental food from time to time.”

He pronounced Bunny Ventures was in a routine of building a identical dietary addition for women.


Omsin Bulpakdi, softened famous as Dr O, is a obvious men’s health alloy who operates 3 clinics in Bangkok called Family and Men’s Health. The initial non-stop in 1995. He is also a famous journal columnist and answers sex-related questions from readers.

Dr Omsin pronounced as sex is such an critical partial of people’s lives group will customarily do anything to urge their sex drive. Many of Dr Omsin’s patients are comparison group who can't perform in a bedroom as they once did. Some tell him their lives aren’t value vital though sex.

From his experience, Dr Omsin pronounced a normal decrease in men’s passionate opening is customarily relations to their age. For instance, a masculine during a age of 40 has a 40% possibility of losing his sex expostulate and a contingency opposite him arise as he ages.

Other factors such as diet, accidents, ethanol consumption, cancer, high cholesterol and diabetes boost a odds of a masculine losing his sex expostulate to 70-80%. Obesity and miss of practice are also contributing factors.

One thing Dr Omsin is certain about is that supplemental dishes can’t raise masculine passionate performance.

“It’s a lie,” he said. “There is no inscription that can strengthen that muscle. If we wish it to be strong, we have to work on it. There is no sorcery inscription that can assistance with that problem.”

Dr Omsin pronounced while many patients are too bashful to speak to a alloy about their passionate health, many doctors are also reluctant to hear about a problems. He pronounced this is substantially since patients buy supplemental dishes though consulting doctors.

“Don’t self-medicate given it can be dangerous,” he warned.

Supplemental income: Bunny Ventures authority Chatmongkol Khemapirat with Bunny Pookky during a Playboy Thailand offices. Playboy Bunnies have been used to foster a company’s pills.

Age has not wearied them: Older group anticipating to revitalize their opening in a bedroom are branch to supplements sole online over medical help.

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