Becoming a talent-magnet organisation

The many vicious item in any organization is carrying a right people — a gifted and able ones with unconstrained intensity to expostulate or pierce your association forward.

As a fight for talent is apropos some-more melancholy by a day, many organisations are struggling with not carrying adequate people to keep them going, let alone growing. When a direct for talent is stronger than a supply; a pool of talent permitted becomes severely limited.

Given a talent shortage, organisations that wish to stay applicable need to step adult their games and apropos talent magnets by upgrading their employer branding. This means we can no longer use a reactive plan in for worker captivate and retention, though contingency adopt active and talented talent strategies to keep gait with a changing tellurian economy.

In practice, we need to clear your employer code in a proceed that appeals to your aim organization and, during a same time, still plan your core temperament as an organisation. To do this, provide your practice code as your patron code while building your organisation’s capability to broach a value that your practice code promises.

Some people call this proceed a “employee value proposition”. However, it is vicious to remember that branding can't and should not be usually on a surface. It contingency go deeper, with policies, systems and technologies practiced in sequence to broach your code promises.

For some time now we have been saying how digital technologies assistance to underlie talent attraction, rendezvous and retention, though they should be implemented to new effect. This essay will concentration especially on this aspect.

For example, we should be looking to make clarity of a Big Data for your possess benefit. Massive amounts of information are permitted during your fingertips as never before, from what’s being pronounced about your association to knowledge-sharing forums focused on improving business processes. Furthermore, mobile inclination such as smartphones and tablets are creation that information permitted to users around a world.

Even a many obvious veteran and amicable platforms such as LinkedIn now offer a ability to cave data, so we can learn some-more about a distance and peculiarity of a talent pool in any shred that interests you. Consequently, we should be certain your organization is creation a many of these permitted collection so that it can improved aim your employer branding communications to pledge we strech a talent we are perplexing to hire.

Moreover, we can be some-more active in regulating amicable media to share inside stories that prominence your organisation’s strengths and build a some-more authentic and enchanting employer code reputation. People no longer seeking jobs though googling your company’s credentials in all those forums and chatrooms, so we need to incorporate a right recruiting and attracting strategies on all of these platforms.

In addition, use amicable media as a proceed to enhance your network and keep your eyes open for a pool of intensity possibilities by these platforms. The pivotal is to invariably and organically grow your network. You should also safeguard that it has a tellurian strech and is opposite adequate to bond with people from a operation of talents from opposite backgrounds.

Last though not least, organisations can ascent their employer brands all they want, urge their amicable media and digital investment in all aspects, though it will be a rubbish of time and income if their leaders do not change their poise and renovate themselves into captivating leaders. This means being a purpose model, display your people that we truly caring for them and giving them constrained reasons to stay with you.

After all, these days, people are distant some-more expected to trust a association formed on what the employees have to contend than on the recruitment advertising. In other words, apropos a genuine talent-magnet organization relies distant some-more heavily on worker rendezvous and advocacy than ever before.


Arinya Talerngsri is Group Managing Director during APMGroup, Thailand’s heading Organisation and People Development Consultancy. She can be reached by e-mail during or

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