"Chicken" during sea endangers passengers

SURAT THANI – A newcomer packet held on camera “dangerously” overtaking another packet in a Gulf of Thailand has drawn a flurry of disastrous critique from Thai net users.

The video shows one of a ferries, operated by Seatran Ferry Co Ltd, overtaking another ferry, operated by Raja Ferry Port, during a tighten stretch on Friday.

The Seatran ferry, that was streamer to Koh Samui, had to abruptly stop to concede a Raja packet to get past. The Raja packet was going to Koh Phangan.

Netizens criticised a captain of a Raja packet for except a reserve of passengers.

On Sunday, Surat Thani’s Marine Office arch Prawes Suphachai pronounced he would call a assembly with a dual packet captains to explain a situation.

According to collision regulations, “every vessel (power or sail) that is overtaking contingency keep good transparent of a other vessel”.

Video credit: YouTube user Social Share

03 Apr 2016 | 1,666 views

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/vdo/thailand/919645/video-ferry-overtakes-ferry-at-close-distance-in-surat-thani

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