Civil menial ‘sorry’ for ‘ugly creature’ post

A polite menial in Yasothon perceived a inundate of critique and threats from internet users after he posted photos of a fuel siphon attendant on his Facebook page and wrote a rude, pompous summary about this immature lady he had never met before.

Pongsak Kensing, a financial officer for Yasothon’s Kor Wang district, posted a photos he took during a PTT hire in Maha Chana Chai district on Monday, and wrote:

“News Highlight: we came opposite a bizarre and singular quadruped since it works in shifts. #What an nauseous tellurian being? #How brave it be born?”

The post fast went viral and amicable media went on overdrive. Many net users slammed Mr Pongsak for judging a chairman only by their appearance. He also was criticised for holding photos of a lady though her agree and posting them online.

“He’s a polite menial and looks mature. He should know most better. The place he works for should cruise banishment him already,” a Facebook user wrote.

Some netizens even visited a PTT hire in Maha Chana Chai to give support to Nong Namtao, a plant in a photos. They pronounced that Nong Namtao pennyless down in tears when she was done wakeful of a post.

At first, Mr Pongsak did not apologize and claimed that his Facebook page was hacked and he was not obliged for a post. But no one believed him.

On Wednesday morning, he bent to vigour from a amicable media village and went to accommodate Nong Namtao during a gas hire to apologise. He after posted a message, saying: “I wish this emanate ends today.”

Well-known film executive Poj Arnon, after training about Nong Namtao’s upsetting experience, wrote on his Instagram that he wanted to entice Nong Tamtao to a casting audition.

“Don’t feel contemptible about this, Nong Namtao. We can't select how we demeanour though we can select to do good deeds. If you’re meddlesome to play in a movie, come to a audition. If we can act, you’re in.

“Don’t decider a chairman by their demeanour or shape. Look into a person’s heart. Send me a transparent print of we in this criticism box. we only need a new actress,” Mr Poj wrote.

Video and print credits: Facebook users คน-ยโสธร and โอเล่ หวานซ่อนเปรี้ยว

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