Confrontation in Osaka

A Japanese male confronted a organisation of Thai tourists after one of them bumped into him in Osaka’s Dotonbori selling district.

A video of a incident, available by one of a tourists on May 30, shows a Japanese male stability to incite a Thais by cheering and shoving them as they attempted to equivocate a confrontation. At one theatre he kicked one of a tourists, though there was no retaliation.

“To sum it all up, we filed a news with a Japanese police. The Japanese male also filed a report. He withdrew his news after realising that we have video evidence. End of story,” a video print wrote on his Facebook account.

After a post went viral, a amicable media member pronounced he encountered a same Japanese male when he visited Osaka final year and that he was perplexing to extract income from foreigners.

Most net users praised a Thai tourists for not resorting to assault and commented that thugs would fast behind divided when victims shouted for assistance in traveller destinations and swarming places.

Video credit: Facebook user เที่ยวญี่ปุ่นกับไกด์เล็กจัง

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