DJ Keng surrenders after highway rage, looseness seized

Pattarasak Thiemprasert, alias DJ Keng, turns himself in to Din Daeng military on Saturday morning to hear charges after he rammed his pickup lorry into another car. (Photo by Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

A front manoeuvre who has been abashed in open for highway fury and fibbing about his actions incited himself in to Bangkok military on Saturday. But he continues to insist that a other motorist in a occurrence was also to blame.

Pattarasak Thiemprasert, alias DJ Keng, reported to Din Daeng military on Saturday morning to give serve statements about a incident.

The radio hire DJ came underneath complicated critique after video clips display his black pickup lorry reversing aggressively to strike a red Toyota Yaris 3 times went viral online. He also lied about a occurrence by claiming that a motorist of a automobile had strike his vehicle.

Mr Pattarasak, who worked during a internal radio station, also acts in some soap operas and works as an emcee. He was reportedly criminialized from a radio programme after a occurrence as Facebook users bombarded a station’s Facebook page with disastrous comments.

Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, behaving arch of a Metropolitan Police Bureau, was benefaction during a hire to survey him on Saturday.

After some-more than dual hours of questioning, Mr Pattarasak appealed for justice. He pronounced he and a motorist of a Yaris were travelling on Mitmaitree Road on Friday and had taken turns to cut forward any other.

The automobile motorist afterwards gave him a center finger, call him to do a same in return, pronounced Mr Pattarasak. The Yaris motorist afterwards got out and knocked a counterpart of his vehicle, he said. 

He insisted he had not started a occurrence and asked military to inspect footage of closed-circuit radio cameras.

He certified that what he did was wrong and apologised to a open for his actions. He also appealed to his critics not to drag his propagandize and his family in this incident. 

He denied posing provocative messages on Facebook, observant it was not his Facebook comment that posted them. He threatened to take movement opposite those who combined a feign Facebook page to disprove him.

He certified that in a fit of anger, he had secretly indicted a automobile motorist of attack his vehicle. He appealed to a open to give him a possibility to spin over a new leaf. 

Pol Lt Gen Sanit pronounced he had systematic Din Daeng military to inspect CCTV footage to get a improved thought of what unequivocally happened.

Police primarily seized Mr Pattarasak’s pushing looseness for 60 days and pulpy charges of forward pushing and pushing but due caring for a reserve of others. Authorities are questioning serve before determining either to press additional charges, pronounced a behaving Bangkok military chief.

He betrothed to safeguard probity to both sides.

Meanwhile, a Land Transport Department will also ask Mr Pattarasak to news to give a officials an comment of a incident.

Department arch Sanit Promwong pronounced on Saturday that a dialect would coordinate with military to inspect justification from a occurrence as Mr Pattarasak was indicted of intentionally pushing his pickup into a automobile and intimidating a driver. Section 54 of a Vehicles Act authorises officials to seize a violator’s looseness for adult to one year if a chairman is found guilty.

Mr Sanit pronounced a looseness could be revoked in a box of a final justice statute or if a motorist has been fined dual or some-more times for trade violations associated to forward driving.

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