Drawn to this life

PAINTING THE TOWN: Illustrator and Instagram star Phapfah Puttharugsa, or ‘Binko’, paints a vacant wall in an forlorn Bangkok building as she creates a mural of her and her dear cat. Photos: Jetjaras na Ranong

Phapfah Puttharugsa, a 20-year-old illustrator, met Brunch on a balmy morning with a box of mist paints and coop pens. Wearing shorts and a dustproof mask, a artist wrapped a bandana around her ash-dyed hair and prepared to start her graffiti.

She used partial of a wall in a decayed and forlorn building on Kaset-Nawamin Road as a canvas. “I wish to paint me and my cat,” she pronounced while sketch a immature lady embracing a large black animal. It is her second square of graffiti, carrying initial experimented along Charoen Krung Road. “I am training mist portrayal techniques.”

Her favourite theme is her cat, that facilities in many of her artworks. “It helps me get by a formidable times of my life,” pronounced Phapfah, improved famous as “Binko” in a amicable media world.

“I used to be vexed when we initial left home and lived on my own. Then, we bought a cat and she helped me a lot. She is my best crony who helped me by a ups and downs.”

Despite her youth, Phapfah’s is a life reduction ordinary. She quit propagandize during 16 and left home to pursue her dream of creation a vital from drawing. Those around her used to report that she had no destiny and would finish adult on a street.

“Even my relatives did not consider we would turn this successful. But my silent told me recently that she is unequivocally unapproachable of me,” she said.

Today, she is recognized as a rising immature artist with a signature impression of sketch pleasing girls with large eyes. She earns estimable income from her illustrations and sponsorships, has a multitude of 500,000 supporters online and has been invited to pronounce to immature people about their life goals during several functions.


The tour of a immature artist was not paved with roses. Phapfah never attended art school, even yet her grandparents and relatives complicated during Silpakorn University and many of them work in settlement or design.

She chose maths and scholarship in high school. “Once we wanted to turn a food scientist,” she said.

She excelled academically. Phapfah finished Mathayom 3 during Samsen Wittayalai School with a grade-point normal of 3.9. But when she changed to investigate during Assumption, a Catholic school, her Mathayom 4 measure crashed to 0.2 as she faced personal upheaval.

“My relatives pennyless up. My family business did not do well. Suddenly, we didn’t have any money. It was a initial time that my relatives couldn’t compensate my price fee on time. we suspicion we should quit school.

“My silent strongly disapproved. But we wanted to spend time study something we unequivocally wanted to learn. we had a devise for myself,” pronounced Phapfah, who is an usually child.

“I don’t drink, we don’t fume and we don’t go out during night. That is a reason my relatives let me do what we wanted. They usually told me not to do bad things.”

Phapfah attended a brief sketch march during an art training centre in Siam Square when she was in M4. But she stopped when her relatives went broke.

After she quit school, Phapfah left home to stay with her grandparents. She complicated sketch alone by researching artworks in a Thailand Creative and Design Centre library.

She has also schooled from other artists and tighten hearing of Japanese cartoons she likes to read.

One of them is an aged Japanese animation array called The Rose of Versailles, initial expelled in 1973, by manga artist Riyoko Ikeda. Ikeda’s characters tend to have oversized eyes and beautiful, ethereal hair.

Phapfah also complicated a works of a painter Margaret Keane, whose life was featured in Tim Burton’s 2014 film Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams.

“At some point, we realised we had to stop study these artists since we would fundamentally duplicate their styles,” Phapfah said. “I wanted to emanate characters of my own.”

Another change came from tighten to home: a approach her mother, an interior designer, concurrent colours for clients.

Her mother’s change can be seen in Phapfah’s bent to use earth tones in her work. “Earth tones are my mum’s favourite colours,” she said.


Phapfah began showcasing her works on amicable media, starting with her designs for iPhone cases that became beheld on Instagram.

“I bought inexpensive iPhone cases and started to paint them with coop and acrylic paint. we usually wanted to see if a paint would stick. we common my settlement in black and white with a organisation of some 10 friends.

“But after we posted on Instagram, some people asked if they could sequence them. People who like my sell began pity my Instagram with others. The series of my amicable media supporters double by word of mouth.”

Within a year, by a time she was 17, offered iPhone cases turn a vital source of income. She changed out of her grandparents’ home and rented a condo on Sathon Road. “I had to ask my mom to pointer a franchise for me since we was still a teenager during a time.”

She began producing sell such as cloth bags and scarfs featuring her drawings, promotion them online.

While attending a brief sketch category in Siam Square, one of her business saw her works and hired her to pull for a inscription module and Tumblr. Since then, she has been hired to emanate several illustrations for products and advertisements.

Her sketch lines competence demeanour girly though her impression connects with her immature fans, who are among some 500,000 supporters on her Instagram.

She pronounced her proudest impulse so distant was being consecrated to emanate Line stickers of Palmy, Thai-Belgian cocktail prodigy Eve Pancharoen.

“When we was approached to do Line stickers for Palmy, we was astounded though unequivocally happy. we am a large Palmy fan,” pronounced Phapfah.

Recently, she was invited to dress Wego toys during a Thailand Toy Expo in Japan. She designed costumes for a impression Sudsakorn and his horse, from a classical Thai epic Phra Aphai Mani.

“I went to a TCDC each day to investigate a settlement of Thai fabrics. we illusory myself as Sudsakorn and my cat as a horse.”

Although a organisers were primarily demure to elect a womanlike artist for a work, they are gratified with a outcome. “There are barriers opposite women artists. It is not since women artists are not able — in fact, we have seen many good women artists.

“But people tend to consider that women competence give adult simply and are not tough enough. we am a realistic person. we have to mangle a barrier.”

Her idea for a destiny is to furnish work in 3D. She is also meddlesome in art toys and suit pictures. She skeleton to attend a brief march in art abroad in a future. “I competence take brief art courses during a university overseas. we still have to learn new techniques to urge my work.”

Phapfah did not contend how most income she has warranted in her brief career so far, though suggested she has bought a house. “I had to have my silent pointer on my interest since we was still a teenager when we practical for a home loan from a bank,” she said.

It does not harm that Phapfah is photogenic and stylish, that helps explain her recognition on Facebook and Instagram. “Followers are not usually meddlesome in my work, though also my lifestyle. Many have asked me about my views on vital my life. Some immature supporters have asked if they should quit propagandize to follow their dream too. Some relatives also complained that we speedy their children to leave school.”

Some business sinecure her since they design to benefit courtesy from her followers. However, Phapfah does not wish to be famous simply as a net idol.

“I was not flattered by being branded a net idol. we wish to concentration on my sketch and my work, something that will capacitate me to continue vital after we get older.”


Phapfah pronounced there were downsides to withdrawal propagandize and home during a immature age. “When we was down, we used to consternation either we rushed into vital on my possess too early.”

She does not have many friends in a same age, mostly since their interests are different.

“While they are articulate about boyfriends or new handbags, we am some-more meddlesome in how to acquire a living.

“People consider I’m propitious though they don’t know what we had to overcome before we became successful.”

Once, when remuneration from a patron was late, she was left scraping together all a coins she could in sequence to buy food to eat. There were times she was so vexed she consulted a psychiatrist.

Today, Phapfah is happy with her life. She reunites with her relatives during her grandparents’ residence each weekend.

“I do not suggest immature people quit school. My box is opposite from others. we knew what we wanted. Of course, we was frightened when we done a decision. But we knew myself good adequate to know that we would be dynamic to follow by with what we wanted to do.”

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/lifestyle/social-and-lifestyle/1048877/drawn-to-this-life

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