DSI sets May 26 for Dhammajayo to surrender

Monks and Buddhists join a eremite rite during Wat Dhammakaya in Apr 2016. (Bangkok Post record photo)

The Department of Special Investigation has told Phra Dhammajayo, a priest of Wat Dhammakaya, to news to hear charges opposite him on May 26, or face authorised movement from “light to heavy-handed”.

Speaking after a assembly of investigators, Pol Col Paisit pronounced a DSI would send a minute to Phra Dhammajayo advising him to obey on May 26.

If a priest complies, a investigators will cruise extenuation him proxy recover on bail. If he doesn’t respond, they will take authorised movement opposite him, he said.

On Tuesday, a Criminal Court authorized a aver for a detain of Phra Dhammajayo. He was charged with being concerned in income laundering and receiving stolen skill value 1.2 billion baht in tie with a Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative piracy case.

“We’ll take authorised steps, from light to heavy-handed, as necessary. We won’t send authorities to detain him underneath a detain aver given we do not wish a fight with his disciples. We’ve given him some time to enter a authorised process. But if a priest again doesn’t come, a DSI will reason a assembly to establish stairs to be taken,” pronounced a DSI chief.

Pol Col Paisit pronounced a DSI had particularly followed authorised procedures in this case, starting by arising a summons. When a Wat Dhammakaya priest did not respond, a second summons was issued. After he again unsuccessful to respond, a DSI asked a Criminal Court to approve an detain warrant, though a justice deserted a ask and suggested a DSI to emanate another summons.

After a priest unsuccessful to answer a summons for a third time, a DSI managed to obtain justice capitulation for an detain warrant, he said.

Pol Col Paisit pronounced he was prepared to explain a box to Phra Dhammajayo’s disciples. The DSI had filed some-more than 10 cases opposite Supachai Srisupa-aksorn, former management of a KCUC, in tie with a embezzlement. Some of a cases had been motionless by a justice while a others were still being heard, he said. 

Asked either a box opposite Phra Dhammajayo could lead to his being defrocked, Pol Col Paisit pronounced that was a friar emanate and a DSI would not interfere.

On a probability a priest competence flee, Pol Col Paisit pronounced a DSI had told all associated agencies including a Immigration Police Bureau to keep an eye on him.

The DSI was also not disturbed about probable protests by Wat Dhammakaya disciples. Security agencies had been gripping an eye on them, he said.

On complaints filed by a disciples opposite a DSI for abuse of authority, Pol Lt Col Pakorn Sucheevakul, a DSI’s arch investigator, pronounced a DSI had acted according to law and suggested them to send member to listen to a DSI’s explanations.

On a disciples’ question because a DSI insisted in holding authorised movement opposite Phra Dhammajayo given a KCUC had certified a church had returned a money, Pol Lt Col Pakorn pronounced given a indiscretion had been committed a authorised movement could not be rescinded.

He pronounced a Criminal Court’s capitulation of a detain aver showed that a justice had been assured by justification of income laundering and piracy in a KCUC, involving 5 suspects.

Two of a suspects were summoned by a DSI to hear a charges on Wednesday, he added.

Disciples during Wat Dhammakaya have demanded a Department of Special Investigation scrupulously explain because an detain aver has been released for a temple’s priest during a press discussion on Wednesday. (Photo by Tawatchai Kemgumnerd)

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