Father, son convicted in cave attack case

The categorical attack took place on May 15, 2014, when organisation with tighten army connectors led masked thugs to conflict villagers protesting a Tungkum bullion cave in northern Loei province. (Photo pleasantness Protection International)

The Loei Provincial Court handed down dual and three-year jail sentences respectively to a father and son, both troops defendants, in a high-profile conflict on anti-mining villagers in 2014.

The open prosecutors and 9 co-plaintiff villagers filed charges opposite Lt Col Poramin Pomnak and his father Lt Gen Poramet Pomnak, a late officer, for earthy attack and bootleg possession of firearms among other charges, per a aroused strife in Na Nong Bong encampment in Loei’s Wang Saphung district on a night of May 15, 2014.

The probity commuted a jail tenure of a father, Lt Gen Poramet, to one year for his useful testimony in a case.

The dual convicts posted bail after conference a verdict.

On a night of May 15, 2014, hundreds of unclear organisation clashed with members of a Khon Rak Ban Kerd — a community-based organisation opposite to a internal bullion cave operated by Thai-owned Tungkum Ltd.

The organisation who came in support of a cave demolished barricades erected by a villagers to stop a mine’s trucks removing out to broach ore.

A series of villagers were hold captive, threatened and physically assaulted.

Twenty-four villagers who were harmed after lodged complaints and 9 of them became co-plaintiffs in a suit. Only dual people were arrested and prosecuted.

Sor Rattanamanee Goergoraon, a plaintiffs’ lawyer, told a Bangkok Post a villagers were gratified that some probity was served in a community.

The judges cited witnesses who could brand a defendants, pronounced Ms Sor.

“Although it was late during night, a occurrence took place usually dual nights after full moon so it was transparent adequate to see faces and figures.

“Also, a villagers remembered a face of a defendants as they had checked a defendants’ information on their looseness plates before,” a counsel said.

However, she remarkable a troops should have worked harder to get to a core emanate of who was behind transporting a ore and who invited a attackers.

“The probity has put a incidents in a context that a clashes arose from efforts to fast ride a ore out. Hundreds of people were concerned in a melee, that harmed during slightest 24 villagers, and lodged complaints, so because were usually dual people arrested?” she asked.

The villagers also felt a judgment handed down to a son, who is still in a military, was too light, she said.

“He’s a troops officer though still acted outrageously in defilement of a law. A heavier judgment would offer as a warning to deter others from repeating a offence,” pronounced a lawyer.

The top judgment for an armed attack assign is 7 years. The statute did not clearly mention who was suspicion to be obliged for employing a men.

On reparations, a plaintiffs and prosecutor asked for 3 million baht, while a probity motionless on a sum volume of 150,000 baht for 9 people.

The Loei Provincial Court also review an interest outcome support a statute by a probity of initial instance dismissing a box that Tungkum Co filed opposite Samai Phakmee, authority of a Khaolaung Local Administrative Council and Konglai Pakmee, a encampment headman of Na Nong Bong Village Moo 3, for purported loosening of avocation as state officials in permitting villagers to hang an anti-gold mining pointer on a encampment opening gate.

In Bangkok, a company’s behaving handling executive seemed as a plaintiff in a rough conference of a rapist insult fit on Monday.

Tungkum has demanded 50 million baht in remuneration from Thai PBS and 4 defendants, including a reporter, for allegedly distorting information in a station’s reports about a bullion mine.

The mining association also demanded Thai PBS be dangling from broadcasting for 5 years.

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/996629/father-son-convicted-in-mine-assault-case

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