Google ramps up Bangkok office space

Digital Economy Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj, Mr King (centre) and US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn Davies. Google says it is focused on helping Thailand digitise in four key areas.

Google has increased its office space in Thailand by 50%, creating a venue for the digitally-driven community to accelerate the development of related products and services, promoting the evolution of the country’s digital ecosystem.

Globally, Thailand is one of the top users of Google services including YouTube, its search engine and Google’s Play Store — Google’s official source for Android apps and downloads — said Ben King, country head of Google Thailand.

He also said Google Thailand is still in talks with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry on the possibility of investing in the government’s Digital Park project.

“Thailand is one of the top markets for Google in term of users. We will continue investing here to help digitise the country,” said Mr King.

He said Bangkok is one of the top 10 cities for YouTube in terms of watch time and views. The number of Google Search quires in Thailand stands out among Southeast Asian countries.

Google Thailand increased its office space by renting out an additional floor at Park Ventures Ecoplex Building, where the company currently operates. Google aims to use the space as a venue for promoting the development of digitally-driven services. The company will allow outsiders, ranging from startups, content creators, developers and advertisers to take advantage of the space.

Google said its aims to help Thailand digitise in four areas: education, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, digital content and digital workforce.

Mr King said the company is encouraging local SMEs to go online to thrive in the digital world.

Earlier this year Google introduced Launchpad Accelerator, an intensive mentoring programme from Google for startups in Thailand. Under the programme, Google provides financial sponsorship worth US$50,000 to high-potential startups and provides six months of training in the US.

He said Google will continue improving its digital content to further enhance user experience.

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