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Attached to my CV is a representation of my physique odour, for your consideration.

How did an Indonesian motorcycle cab app exam intensity drivers?

A) By seeking them to contest opposite Thailand’s dek vans.

B) By checking their Facebook posts.

C) By consulting a happening teller.

D) By giving them a good sniff. Hundreds of intensity drivers were put by a physique odour exam to safeguard passengers have pleasing rides. They were placed in front of fans and smelled by UberJEK staff, wrote Not ungainly during all.


What’s a new use being offering on Facebook?

A) Liking your each post.

B) Filtering out each irritating post from your braggy friends.

C) Alerting we when someone posts on your crush’s Wall.

D) Pretending to be in a (cyber) attribute with you. Yes, this use is real. Someone recently posted on a freelancer’s website a “cyber relationship” service, starting from B200. If we compensate a fee, they will emanate an comment to be “in a relationship” with we on Facebook and post honeyed comments to make other friends on your list envious. What has a universe come to?


After salmon sperm, what whitening partial has recently emerged in a Thai whitening market?

A) Mackerel sperm.

B) Tuna ovaries.

C) Catfish genitals.

D) Unidentified sperm. recently posted a design of “sperm lotion” with a tagline, “explosively white, splendid aura”. The tag on a bottle does not prove what class a spermatazoa comes from, though many netizens assume it’s human. Honestly? We don’t wish to know.


A investigate suggested a bizarre anticipating per a proxy shutting of Mexican food grill sequence Chipotle in a US. What is it?

A) Most people have always insincere a restaurant’s name was Chipolte.

B) People suspicion it was Chilean food.

C) Its food is suspicion to be a healthiest.

D) Many Americans would rather die of an E. coli infection than not eat during Chipotle. According to a investigate by a University of Colorado sociologist, many of a Americans surveyed “find a ambience and essence of Chipotle burritos and bowls so delicious, that they would literally accept death’s welcome than to abandon a delicious Mexican food”, reported Many Thais share a same view when experts call pla ra hazardous.


What arrange of offer did a dual teenagers concerned in a new strife with a Thai singer receive?

A) An romantic detox shelter during a spa.

B) Enrolment during a imagining camp.

C) A purpose in a TV drama.

D) Free cosmetic medicine to live down a insults that they’re not attractive adequate to be fighting with a pleasing actress. Criticism directed during Pat Napapa’s former beloved claimed he wasn’t large adequate for Pat, and his new partner was approach next a actress. Thus, a beauty hospital stepped in and offering giveaway nose jobs. The saddest part? They both accepted, according to

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