How spook chasers make clarity of a supernatural

SPIRITED AWAY: Kapol Thongplub hosts ‘The Shock’, a renouned TV programme that marks down spirits regulating energy-detecting technology. Photos: Pornprom Satrabhaya

On any given night, Kapol Thongplub and his camera organisation could be chasing after spirits. Holding a unstable device to detect surprising appetite frequencies, a 49-year-old hostess visits places believed to be condemned by ghosts.

In one partial of The Shock, he entered an deserted building where a masculine had hanged himself.

As he was walking onto a fourth floor, a arrow on his device was jolt violently.

“The scale detects an surprising call of frequency,” he pronounced in a weekly TV programme. “There competence be something that humans can’t see here.”

The cameraman afterwards incited his hand-held camera to constraint goosebumps on Kapol’s arm.

His programme is shot in a dark, conjuring adult images from Hollywood’s Paranormal Activity movies.

Kapol, a radio DJ and TV host, is famous as one of a many renouned luminary spook hunters in Thailand. Hundreds of thousands of people balance into his programme week in and week out to see him use gadgets in an bid to infer a existence of a paranormal.

“We use a same systematic inclination that were used by Ghostbusters Club in America to detect surprising levels of appetite and heat to uncover that there are things that we can't see.”

Asked if he was a spook buster, he shrugged. “I am acid for spirits. we am not an exorcist. You have to leave that to experts who know how to do it.”

Kapol confided that he had never seen a spook in chairman though said, “Sometimes, we felt like someone was examination me or a peep of movement, things that can't be explained.

“If we didn’t trust in spirits, we would not be means to do this programme for 30 years.”

The Shock has not indeed destitute any spirits though a show’s assembly is glued to a TV to declare doubtful incidents such as remarkable dog barks. Kapol’s programme has ordered a plain assembly for many years, interjection mostly to a mindfulness with ghosts and Kapol’s interesting style.


Ghosts exist in any enlightenment in opposite forms. Spirits in Hollywood’s Ghostbusters demeanour like monsters. The many renouned Thai spook is Nang Nak, a womanlike spook who died during childbirth.

It is believed that any form of spook requires a opposite proceed to strech them, depending on a chronological credentials and enlightenment where it originated.

Earlier this year, a protocol was conducted during a remote Koksala encampment in Udon Thani province. A organisation of villagers invited a comparison priest in a encampment to perform a protocol to absolved a encampment of ogres and ghosts.

The residents had faced a array of hapless events. Seven people in a encampment died from several causes within a brief duration of time and several chickens in a farms died for opposite reasons.

Preliminary — and unaccepted — autopsies of a upheld chickens suggested a birds’ viscera had left from their bodies.

The villagers asked a priest of Nong Sawang church to perform a protocol to relieve bad spirits. The equipment used to bust a spirits were 3 bowls of dedicated water, rocks, dedicated yarn, bananas, sugarine cane, a golden showering tree and bamboo tubes.

The priest began a rite with a intone to serve a ogres. Then, a priest used white cloth to sign 17 bamboo tubes, one for any suggestion a villagers believed they had trapped during a ceremony. The hermetic bamboo tubes were cremated during a temple.

Following a ritual, villagers pronounced their fitness had turned. Nobody has given upheld divided and no chickens have suffered an astonishing death, according to internal Thai newspapers that lonesome a charming ritual.

Siriwan Thepwong, a 54-year-old resident, was quoted as observant that a villagers concluded to ask a priest to perform a ritual. It was a second time given 2010. At that time, 6 people died unexpectedly. After a ritual, tragedies stopped.

She hoped that this time around a protocol would absolved a encampment of bad fitness once more.


Manasikarn Hengsuwan, a techer during Chulalongkorn University’s Education Faculty, complicated ghosts for her master’s and doctorate degrees.

She pronounced that people try to promulgate with ghosts or things they can't see partly to residence insecurities and stress about death.

“The faith in abnormal beings and animism exists in any multitude as partial of attempts to know life after death,” she said.

People have always generally believed in animism. When eremite beliefs entered communities, people tended to incorporate a judgment of animism into their eremite beliefs, she explained.

“This miss of reason and trust feed tellurian insecurities, partly attributed to eremite beliefs.

“We urge before going to nap since we wish to be stable from things we don’t see. We can't repudiate that.

“Since a judgment of ghosts is abstract, tellurian beings try to find systematic justification around physical, systematic and anthropomorphic aspects to explain a judgment of abnormal beings.”

For instance, people try to use systematic recommendation to detect a appetite or impetus emanating from things that tellurian beings can't see.

Some people bring a existence of abnormal beings to explain their psychological state when they consider they see things that other people can’t, she said.

Ms Manasikarn pronounced people try to use systematic methods to residence a judgment of ghosts formed on Albert Einstein’s law of appetite that states: “Energy can't be combined or destroyed, it can usually be altered from one form to another.”

Some people trust that if a tellurian physique is a multiple of electric appetite and chemical power, and when a chairman dies, a dual powers are separated. Chemicals, that form a body, would change into earth, while electric appetite competence sojourn in a opposite form. Based on that understanding, people use gadgets to detect surrounding captivating army and surprising heat levels.

There is now also a mobile phone App called Phantom Radar Ghost Detector and an Electronic Voice Phenomenon appurtenance to detect voices with unexplained origins.


Ms Manasikarn pronounced Thais and Westerners share certain concepts per abnormal beings to residence their judgment insecurities.

EXPLAINING THE UNKNOWN: Manasikarn Hengsuwan complicated ghosts in university. Photo: pleasantness of manasikarn hengsuwan

For instance, Thais and Westerners share a judgment of a defender enchantress of children. In Thai, it is called “Mae Sue” while it famous as a “tooth fairy” in English. The judgment is formed on people’s regard over a health of their children and they urge for paranormal beings to strengthen their babies.

The judgment of ghosts can also be explained by ethno-linguistics. Individual forms of ghosts have singular characteristics that describe to their places of origin.

For example, Phi phet or Preta, a scarcely high ghost, originated in a dim timberland as Preta’s shade resembles large trees, Ms Manasikarn said.

Several Western paranormal beings, many particularly vampires like Dracula, are fed by blood since it reflects a aged epidemics in Europe that were noted by blood. Salt is used to get absolved of ghosts in Western enlightenment since it was deliberate a profitable object in a past.

Thai ghosts are mostly women, partly since of prejudiced masculine insecurities associated to a passionate appetite of women and their ability to give birth.

Ms Manasikarn pronounced Nang Nak is suppressed by dedicated H2O as it reflects Thailand’s rural multitude in that H2O has been an constituent source of life. This can also be seen in monks blessing laymen by striking holy water.

In addition, behind when a maternal mankind rate was high, people believed that a Kumarnthong, or baby spirit, could be suppressed by a turn ceramic enclosure identical to a mother’s womb.

Threshing basket ghosts originated from villagers who used threshing baskets to keep rice and grains. Villagers trust that threshing basket ghosts would take their grain.

But immature people currently competence not be informed with this form of spook since people in a city no longer use threshing baskets.

The judgment of threshing basket ghosts has also gradually left with time, she said.

While aged ghosts remove popularity, there are new spectres to compare complicated record such as cyber ghosts or air-conditioning ghosts.

“The judgment of complicated forms of ghosts uncover how people try to explain things that they feel uncertain about such as a atmosphere conditioning movement that could demeanour creepy,” she said.

The judgment of atmosphere conditioning ghosts is also cemented by a recognition of a Thai film called Phee Chong Air expelled in 2014 that producers claimed was formed on a loyal story.

Although many people never see ghosts, a judgment of spirits and ghosts has been upheld down around renouned enlightenment and media, pronounced Ms Mahasikarn.

Some paranormal beings such as Dracula have been alien around cocktail culture.

Old-fashioned ghosts such as threshing basket ghosts, magnitude ever mentioned in complicated renouned culture, are expected to continue to blur with time.

Nang Nak, however, has remained a many renouned spook since a impression is reprised over and over in several movies.


Kapol’s TV programme has helped continue a faith in ghosts in Thai renouned culture. The Shock and Ghost Hunter are also uploaded on YouTube, giving them some-more viewers.

Asked if he was deceiving a public, he said, “We are regulating scholarship to infer things that we can't see. we use a device to constraint surprising levels of appetite such as captivating waves and another device, a quivering showing machine, to uncover a assembly that there competence be a suggestion present.”

For instance, he used one of a inclination to uncover a rising scale of sound that was believed to be a outcome of amassed appetite not listened by humans.

“People trust that a ghost’s sound is infrasonic, or such a low-frequency sound it can't be listened by a normal human. The tool is used to infer that there is a sound that is not listened to humans, though is there,” he said.

“I don’t blindly trust in ghosts. we am somewhere in between a follower and non-believer.

“The gadgets make a epitome faith of ghosts some-more tangible.”

THE MOTHER OF THAI GHOSTS: Young women dress as a famous spook Nang Nak. Her story has been rendered in many renouned movies. Photo:Patipat Janthong

INSPECTOR GADGET: Kapol flashes one of his spook showing devices. These work by identifying captivating magnitude waves, that could prove a abnormal presence.

GHOST TOWN: Villagers in Surin range dance to showcase a normal faith about threshing basket ghosts, pronounced to be scandalous for hidden dusty grains. The tradition has left over time. Photo: NOPPARAT KINGKAEW

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