Land reclamation to start in Korat on Friday

The Kanchanaburi Agricultural Land Reform Office opens a centre to accept complaints about bootleg Sor Por Kor land function in Jun this year. (Photo by Piyarach Chongcharoen)

Authorities will on Friday flog off reclaiming farmland in a hands of landlords to be redistributed to needy farmers, starting with Nakhon Ratchasima.

The routine — summarized in a junta’s Jul 5 sequence — involves installation a aim land in any area, putting adult open notice for it, giving people time to interest their claims and contention tenure evidence, carrying authorities determine a evidence, and reclaiming a illegally hold land.   

Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Minister Chatchai Sarikulya will regulate over a rite to retrieve a supposed Sor Por Kor land — land with special titles dictated for tiny farmers — in a northeastern province.

At a ceremony, Gen Chatchai will put adult a signboard to announce a aim land for reclamation –initially some 600 rai in tambon Raroeng, Wang Nam Khieo district, in a box of Nakhon Ratchasima.

The land, that was creatively dictated for agriculture, had been bought and illegally assigned by landlords who refused to concur when asked to lapse it to a state.

Four signboards with a same notice will be put up: during a offices of a district, tambon chief, encampment arch and internal administration.

The notice is for a occupiers to contention his or her land rights papers to endangered officials within 15 days.

On receiving a documents, a officials will be given 30 days to inspect them. If a land is found to have been illegally occupied, it will be reclaimed for serve placement to landless farmers.

In 1993, a supervision motionless to give run-down tools of indifferent forests to farmers. But adult until now, a vast apportionment of that land has nonetheless to be surveyed and emanate titles for since it is assigned by some people who are not farmers.

Some of it finished adult in a hands of landlords who bought it from farmers to emanate vast plots for monoculture, that is damaging to a environment.

The junta’s arch used his unconditional powers underneath Section 44 of a halt licence to appropriate a forms of land to be reclaimed for farmers.

The aim land is plots of 500 rai or some-more that have not been totalled and given titles; plots of 100 rai or some-more of that land remodel rights finished and are now assigned by others; and plots of 500 rai or some-more to be handed over to a Agricultural Land Reform Office by justice final rulings.

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