Letters with fake info on licence found in a North

Authorities check letters claimed to crush a calm of a breeze licence forward of a referendum during a Chiang Mai post bureau on Wednesday. (Photo by Cheewin Sattha)

Authorities in Chiang Mai have seized about 2,000 letters that they explain crush a essence of a breeze licence after anticipating identical letters in adjacent Lampang range on Tuesday.

Soldiers and military found a letters during a Chiang Mai post bureau in Muang district. They were addressed to households in many districts of a northern province.

Boontham Prasongwarakit, arch of a provincial post office, pronounced a letters that had postage stamps attached, had been placed in post boxes in Mae Rim, Muang, San Kamphaeng and San Sai districts, with many — 959 — sent from San Kamphaeng. The letters were seized for examination.

Maj Gen Kosol Prathumchart, commander of a 33rd Military Circle in Chiang Mai, pronounced a letters mentioned that a breeze licence would finish people’s rights.

District officials would put adult banners to advise people of a letters and that a wrongdoers would be prosecuted, he said.

About 2,700 letters seeking people to reject a breeze licence with misinformation were found in Lampang on Tuesday evening. The envelopes gimlet usually a addresses of recipients and there was conjunction a name of an addressee nor any sum of a sender.

The letters were tied together with effervescent bands in bunches of 20 and put into 8 post boxes tighten to one another in Muang district, so authorities trust one sender was behind a transformation in Lampang.

Local military collected justification from a letters and notice cameras to hunt for a sender.

Misinformation on a breeze licence and a call for people to opinion possibly approach in a licence referendum are among offences underneath a referendum law. The referendum on a breeze licence is set for Aug 7.

Supachai Somcharoen, authority of a Election Commission, pronounced on Wednesday a letters secretly claimed that a breeze licence would finish a 30-baht medical caring scheme, a aged stipend and giveaway preparation for high propagandize students.

Surveillance camera footage showed that a sender wore a shawl to disguise his face while dropping letters in post boxes in Lampang, he said.

The residence on a minute has all sum sufficient for smoothness solely a name of an addressee. (Photo by Cheewin Sattha)

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/politics/1034865/letters-with-false-info-on-charter-found-in-the-north

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