Life judgment for au-pair murder

The 24-year-old defendant, a unsuccessful haven seeker from Gambia, had insisted he was innocent. But a jury unanimously found him guilty of murder, and he has been jailed for life for suffocating Lauren Mann to genocide in her prosaic in Vienna in January.

Passing judgment a decider in a box Ulrich Nachtlberger said: “In a box like this, after all we have listened usually a really top punishment is appropriate.”

He pronounced that a indicted had “shamelessly abused a caring inlet and trust” of his 25-year-old victim, and afterwards lied about what he had finished in sequence to shun a punishment.

He pronounced that his motives for murdering her were zero other than of a “lowest probable order”.

The immature lady had offering Abdou I., whose full name was not disclosed due to internal remoteness laws, a place to stay after he was threatened with deportation by authorities.

The dual of them had allegedly started a passionate attribute a brief while later.

The day before she was killed, Abdou I. allegedly found her after a celebration in her prosaic fibbing subsequent to a teen from Afghanistan. According to DNA evidence, Mann had had passionate hit with both men.

Prosecutors trust he was driven by jealousy to lift out a murder a subsequent day.

Mann’s physique was found by firemen who pennyless down a doorway to her prosaic after her worker realised a routinely arguable nanny had not picked adult her child from school.

Her half-undressed physique was found in her prosaic surrounded by candles face down on a mattress.

Forensic experts contend she was forcibly suffocated while carrying sex, by a sham that was pulpy into her face.

After a murder, prosecutors trust a Gambian attempted and unsuccessful to set glow to pieces of garments in a bathroom, afterwards took some valuables and fled to Switzerland.

He was picked adult 9 days after her physique was detected during a Swiss interloper home and was eventually deported behind to Austria in early April.

Abdou I. denied a accusations though as good as a DNA tests that showed his spermatazoa was left on her physique shortly before her death, there was also mobile phone justification that showed notwithstanding denying that he was in Vienna when she was killed – he had been travelling around a city with her mobile phone.

He had insisted that he was possibly in Switzerland or Milan during a time of a murder though could not remember accurately that one.

His counsel Astrid Wagner has pronounced they devise to interest a verdict. In Austria, a life judgment typically final arounds 21 years before a chairman becomes authorised for parole.

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