Man jailed for sex conflict on 11-year-old in Vienna

The 36-year-old insisted when he seemed in justice this week that he is homosexual, and is usually meddlesome in relations with men.

He pronounced that his knowledge with a 11-year-old schoolgirl was a initial time that he’d had any knowledge of a passionate attribute with a conflicting sex, and had no suspicion since a suspicion had come into his head. He told a court: “It only happened”.

The justice listened that a man, not named for authorised reasons, had no prior philosophy before he was arrested over a conflict on a 11-year-old schoolgirl in a changing bedrooms of a open swimming pool in a Hütteldorf area of Vienna.

The conflict happened in Jul final year after he met an aged crony with her daughter, and they spent a afternoon and a dusk together.

According to a girl, he had fondled her breasts when he was visiting and told her not to contend anything to her mother, who was a singular parent.

The subsequent day they had organised to go swimming together, where he had put his hands on her breasts and private parts.

When quizzed by a justice he claimed that she seemed most comparison than she unequivocally was.

He said: “I suspicion she looked so big, we suspicion she contingency be during slightest 17 or 18.”

A counsel behaving for a plant pronounced that she had to accept psychological counselling since of a sex attack.

As good as being jailed for 15 months, with 10 months suspended, he was also systematic to compensate her €2,000 in compensation.

The justice also pronounced he contingency attend a psychotherapy march for people with paedophile tendencies and systematic to equivocate any hit with children.

Story pleasantness of Central European News

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