Messengers are casualties of ‘transparency’

Cheakwae and Maetsoh Naes final saw their 25-year-old son alive when soldiers took him from their Pattani home and afterwards told a relatives he had hanged himself in a suicide. His box mostly is cited in woe reports though a troops will not residence such charges. (AFP photo)

On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon chaired a signing rite between a armed army and agencies underneath a Ministry of Defence and a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) pledging to perform their duties with clarity and make a troops giveaway from corruption.

The Defence Ministry units, including a Royal Aide de Camp Department, were a latest collection to join some-more than 100 supervision agencies that have sealed a chit of bargain (MoU) with a NACC will 65 others, including troops agencies, are approaching to join after this year.

After a signing, NACC boss Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, a former troops general, commended Gen Prawit for auxiliary with a NACC, observant a process has voiced a clever will to fight swindle by fasten a MoU.

Such an beginning by Gen Prawit to make a process pure in a buying should be lauded, and stretched to other aspects of duties by a armed army — from controlling motorcycle taxis and minibuses on Bangkok’s roads to restoring assent in a southernmost provinces — as taxpayers’ income should be put to good use.

Nopporn Wong-Anan is emissary editor, Bangkok Post.

The ubiquitous open should be speedy to guard a work of these counterclaim agencies, and other supervision offices, ensuring that a sequence of law is celebrated in their work as good as to assistance weed out staff who are hurtful and abuse their energy from a forces.

Questions from critics and alarm blowers contingency be tended to, addressed and taken adult for consideration, review and action. Watchdogs or monitoring groups should not fear reprisals or persecution.

But that’s only my sad thinking, that won’t materialize anytime soon.

Last month, a Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) Region 4 sought energy of profession from a Royal Thai Army and submitted a censure to Yala’s Muang troops hire on May 17 about a news by tellurian rights defenders on woe in a distant South.

The woe report, expelled in February, clearly minute 54 convincing cases of purported army indignity of detainees in a South. Instead of probing those suspected cases, a absolute organisation sought to credit a 3 tellurian rights defenders and authors — Pornpen Khongkachonkiet, Anchana Heemmina, and Somchai Homlaor — of rapist insult and computer-related violations.

The charges are for purported rapist insult underneath Section 328 of a Thai Criminal Code, and defilement of a Computer Crimes Act (2007), Section 14(1)2.

Isoc Region 4 orator Pramote Prom-in told a Bangkok Post that a lawsuit was meant to strengthen a picture and firmness as these activists had “ill intentions” toward a Thai troops and were swelling disastrous information. “NGO workers are not absolved people who are above a law,” Col Pramote declared. But in a eyes of general tellurian rights groups, a lawsuit is meant to dominate a whistle-blowers.

“The Thai troops is targeting tellurian rights activists for stating grave abuses and station adult for victims,” Brad Adams, Asia executive during Human Rights Watch, pronounced in a matter final week.

“The supervision should sequence these rapist complaints cold and do what it should have finished in a initial place: severely examine a report’s allegations of torture,” he said.

A organisation of 66 internal and general NGOs released a petition on Monday job on a Isoc to dump a charges.

“By quashing Ms Pornpen, Ms Anchana and Mr Somchai’s efforts to support woe victims to publicly protest about tellurian rights violations by authorities, a Royal Thai Army is seeking to make it some-more than unfit for woe victims to voice their complaints.”

More importantly, a latest pierce of a regime to hinder a debate by a red-shirt United Front for Democracy opposite Dictatorship to set adult centres to guard rascal in a Aug 7 referendum will merely emanate suspicion, if a UDD is truly critical about rebellious graft.

Core red-shirt leaders launch an anti-fraud centre during a Imperial Department Store on Jun 5. The centres have been criminialized by a regime. (Photo by Thanarak Khunton)

Of course, a regime might find it formidable to trust a red shirts, and think they merely wish to reap domestic gains. But during slightest it has all a laws and collection to understanding with a group, and safeguard things do not get out of hand.

By sharpened a follower and slapping a activists with lawsuits, a troops is not being open and pure on how it has dealt with suspects concerned in a decade-long rebellion in a distant South.

As author Bruce W Sanford puts it in his book, Don’t Shoot a Messenger: How Our Growing Hatred of a Media Threatens Free Speech for All of Us, “Shooting a messenger” might be a old romantic response to neglected news, though it is not a really effective process of remaining well-informed.”

Therefore, a army should examine a case, not dominate a bearers of bad tidings. Such authorised movement opposite their legitimate work is opposite a open interest.

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