Mum calls firemen after child gets toilet chair stranded on head

The mom of three-year-old Artur was forced to call out puncture services after he put a child-sized toilet chair on his conduct while personification a diversion and afterwards couldn’t get it off again.

It took 3 firemen to work out how to apart a child from a toilet seat, that was resolutely lodged on tip of Artur’s head.

It took 3 clever firemen and a span of pliers to finally giveaway a five-year-old and palm him behind reduction a toilet chair to his relieved mother.

As a prerogative for his bravery, Artur was authorised to lay inside a glow engine and was even given a pressed fondle by firemen as a interruption gift.

Three hour cat rescue

It’s not a usually surprising call out Graz glow services have been on in new weeks.

At a finish of June, a cat owners called out firemen after hearing her pet cat Minki meowing from inside a siren it had crawled into a few weeks ago.

It took a organisation of firemen over 3 hours to rescue a cat that had got stranded quick in a square of piping.

With a assistance of a tiny camera, a glow organisation found where a cat was stranded and dug adult a pipe, eventually pardon a animal.

“We were happy that this puncture call finished well,” fireman Philipp Goldner said.

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