No ‘human shield’ for abbot

The authorised showdown: Wat Dhammakaya owner Phra Dhammajayo (right) opposite Justice Minister Gen Paiboon Koomchaya and a DSI. (Post Today graphic)

Followers of embattled priest Phra Dhammajayo endorse that there will be no “human shield” to strengthen a priest if authorities are to lift out an arrest.

But they are prepared to sue a Department of Special Investigation (DSI) for impropriety in plea for a detain aver expelled for a priest of Wat Phra Dhammakaya.

The DSI pronounced it will extend bail to a priest if he surrenders by May 26.

Upset over a detain warrant, a abbot’s disciples reason a media lecture Wednesday and suggested their subsequent pierce after a Criminal Court on Tuesday authorized a DSI’s ask for a abbot’s detain warrant.

The 72-year-old priest is indicted of impasse in income laundering and receiving stolen skill value 1.2 billion baht in tie with a 12-billion-baht Klongchan Credit Union Cooperative piracy case.

Speaking on interest of a disciples, Ong-art Thamnitha pronounced a disciples concluded that a DSI’s review and a allegations brought opposite Phra Dhammajayo were unfair and unlawful.

They will record a fit opposite DSI authorities doing a box accusing them of impropriety and abuse of authority, Mr Ong-art said.

He also pronounced that while roughly 50,000 womanlike supporters have camped out in a temple, they will not be used as a “human shield”. He pronounced a supporters were usually holding partial in a mass ordination ceremony.

“We endorse that there will be no quarrel with authorities and no force will be used. The temple’s supporters do not wish a temple’s picture to be ruined. We will quarrel a box according to a authorised process,” Mr Ong-art said.

Critics speculated progressing that a womanlike supporters were mobilised to a church to forestall a priest from being arrested after a justice authorized an detain warrant.

Mr Ong-art also pronounced a abbot’s supporters were saddened that a detain aver had been expelled even yet Phra Dhammajayo had been sick.

The disciples also wanted a DSI to explain since it called medical annals expelled by doctors during Saha Clinic Rattanavej Medical Centre “unreliable”.

Speaking after a assembly of DSI investigators Wednesday, DSI arch Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang pronounced a DSI would send a minute to Phra Dhammajayo advising him to obey and acknowledge a charges opposite him on May 26.

If a priest complies, a investigators will cruise extenuation him proxy recover on bail. If he does not respond, they will take authorised stairs opposite him, he said.

“We’ll take authorised steps, from light to heavy-handed, as necessary. We won’t send authorities to detain him underneath a detain aver since we do not wish a quarrel with his disciples. We’ve given him some time to enter a authorised process. But if a priest doesn’t spin adult again, a DSI will reason a assembly to establish stairs to be taken,” pronounced a DSI chief.

Pol Col Paisit pronounced a DSI had particularly followed all required authorised procedures in this case, starting by arising a summons. When a priest unsuccessful to respond, a second summons was issued. But when a justice deserted a initial ask for an detain warrant, a DSI expelled another summons. After a priest unsuccessful to answer a summons for a third time, a DSI managed to obtain justice capitulation for an detain warrant, he said. On a probability a priest competence flee, Pol Col Paisit pronounced a DSI had told all associated agencies including a Immigration Police Bureau to keep an eye on him.

A matter expelled Wednesday in a name of a abbot’s supporters pronounced that after a DSI took adult a box and finished a probe, it forwarded a box to prosecutors, with Phra Dhammajayo among a suspects.

They pronounced a prosecutors reviewed a box on Jan 29 but charging a monk.

But, on Feb 18, DSI officials expelled a open matter that they would assign Phra Dhammajayo for receiving stolen property. The counsel representing a priest wrote to ask a prosecutors if DSI officials had a management to do so.

The prosecutor replied that DSI officials will have to obtain additional justification and contention their findings. DSI officials can't erect a new box on their own, according to a disciples’ statement.

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