Police raid Prachatai for ‘Vote No’ material

Men claiming to be plainclothes military showed a Criminal Court hunt warrant, afterwards ransacked a Prachatai news office, though unsuccessful to find bootleg ‘Vote No’ material. (AFP photo)

Police and soldiers raided a bureau of a Prachatai news website Tuesday, claiming they were acid for papers that violate a referendum law.

The operation was partial of a regime’s attempts to clean out purported “distortion” of a essence of a breeze charter.

Armed with a hunt aver authorized by a Criminal Court, 5 plainclothes Sutthisan military officers searched a bureau of Prachatai on Ratchadaphisek Road Soi 14 for papers relating to a “Vote No” debate opposite a breeze structure that will be put to a opinion in a Aug 7 referendum.

Four soldiers were celebrated outward a bureau during a search.

Pol Lt Col Thirasak Sriprasert, Sutthisan emissary military chief, pronounced a hunt followed a detain of Prachatai reporter, Taweesak Kerdpoka, and 3 others in Ratchaburi on Sunday after authorities seized papers from them that allegedly contained twisted calm that was suspected of violating a Referendum Act.

Police searched a news website bureau to find out if Prachatai was related to a papers recently found in Ratchaburi. However, a hunt found zero illegal, Pol Lt Col Thirasak said.

Set adult in 2004 by former Bangkok senator Jon Ungphakorn, Prachatai is a news website focusing on amicable issues, politics, and tellurian rights, presenting articles by academics and activists from non-governmental organisations.

In a tension-breaking moment, after military ‘discovered’ a cache of Prachatai T-shirts, Chiranuch Premchaiporn, executive of a eccentric news website, asked officers if they wanted to buy one. (Photo around Prachatai website)

Meanwhile, Constitution Drafting Committee orator Udom Rathamarit pronounced that a Election Commission, that is obliged for enforcing a referendum law, will confirm possibly to pursue authorised transformation opposite a New Democracy Movement (NDM) for distributing a ask that outlines 7 reasons because a transformation will reject a breeze looseness in a Aug referendum.

The CDC sub-panel, that was reserved to investigate a NDM document, found that a reasons cited by a organisation are dictated to crush a breeze charter, trick electorate and coax incitement, in defilement of a referendum law.

A CDC source pronounced a sub-panel will accommodate again on Friday to cruise sum of a NDM document.

The sub-panel concluded that while expressing incompatible views or feud with a breeze looseness is not opposite a referendum law, it is bootleg to crush a calm or give deficient information on a draft, a source said.

However, a NDM ask citing a 7 reasons distorts a breeze and gives deficient information. For example, a NDM alleges that a breeze looseness is designed to settle a state dominated by supervision officials, a source said.

The CDC has dual options to understanding with a issue, possibly brazen a matter to a EC for authorised transformation or yield scold information to a public, a source said.

In another development, a Central Administrative Court Tuesday deserted a ask by Peace TV for an obligatory conference to cruise an claim opposite a National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)’s preference to postpone Peace TV’s handling looseness for 30 days. The ask was submitted by red-shirt personality Weng Tojirakarn, who is also an executive of Peace Television Co Ltd — a user of a red shirt-affiliated satellite radio station.

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/politics/1034297/police-raid-prachatai-for-vote-no-material

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