Revised EU manners a asset for Thai goods

Many Thai industrial products and some plantation products will suffer a asset after a European Union revised a Autonomous Tariff Suspension list to cover 2,000 apparatus in Dec final year.

Duangporn Rodphaya, executive ubiquitous of a Department of International Trade Promotion, pronounced Council Regulation (EU) 2015/2449 scrapped import taxes for 110 some-more products, altered a sum of 45 existent products and extended a privileges for 148 items. All in all, import taxes for 2,000 products are possibly exempted or lowered underneath a revised list.

Most of a tax-exempted apparatus are industrial products such as petrochemical and downstream products; textile; metals and steel products; machine and electrical appliances; automotive tools and visual equipment.

Eligible plantation products are vegetables and fruits, among others.

The grant duration for many products is 3 years — from Jan 1 this year to Dec 31, 2018.

The EU also released Council Regulation (EU) 2015/2448 to correct a unconstrained tariff share for products done in a EU though unwell to accommodate a direct of internal industries such as some petrochemical products and plastics, metals and steel products and machine and electrical appliances, Ms Duangporn said.

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