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Andrew Gerking and Yannapon Thumapun of Bangkokbikefitter.

For critical cyclists, roving a custom-fitted bicycle is like wearing a ideally tailored suit. With opposite bodies, flexibilities and roving styles, any supplement needs their possess bike set-up for optimal performance. Holding a certificate from Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) and Fit Institute Slow Twitch (FIST), seasoned bike fit dilettante Andrew Gerking teamed adult with personal trainer/triathlete Yannapon Thumapun to found Bangkokbikefitter. The twin make personalised adjustments for any particular supplement — both rival cyclists and recreational riders — who come to tri bike tradesman Bike Zone.

What do we do when we ‘bike fit’?

Andrew: We will take a piece and write down all about a bike they are meddlesome in — how prolonged a branch is, what kind of saddle, components and so forth. After scheming a bike and holding all a notes, we’re going to start articulate to a supplement to know what they’d like to do with a bike; if they wish to competition or they usually like to have fun. Some people float their bike once a month, while some are bland riders. There’s going to be a difference. The pivotal is to personalise a use so any chairman gets a bike set-up for what they’re going to do with it.

What are a categorical components we demeanour at?

Andrew: First is to know a rider, know what they wish to do with a bike. We start with a boots and make certain their boots are a 100% fit. So when they shave into a pedals, their feet are comfortable. We’ll pierce on to how high and where a saddle is. Then, we work on a handlebar position, how high and low it should be, fine-tune all a components here like a stop push and other in-depth processes. It takes about 90 minutes.

The shoe and pedal interface is a initial essential component a dual demeanour at. The scold position of a feet on a pedal enhances cycling performance.

Are there a lot of fitters in Thailand?

Andrew: we consider there are now. we started here 5 years ago and afterwards there were one or dual other Thai fellows working. But now many bike stores have bike-fitting programmes. We’re going to start a workshop. We’ll be training other bike stores to bike fit also.

How many bikes have we fitted?

Andrew: Almost 1,600 in 5 years. The initial year was flattering slow. We started out with usually 84 appointments. Now we do about 400-500 any year. So some-more than one a day. Over 80% are Thai. That unequivocally reflects a genuine competition of who are roving bikes in Thailand.

A goniometer is used to establish an ergonomically accurate angle of a leg extension. When a cyclist sits on a saddle with his or her feet on a pedals during a bottom of a pedal stroke, a correct knee hook averages around 30 degrees.

What recommendation do we give to a patron from a personal trainer’s perspective?

Yannapon: First of all, as Andrew said, we have to know what a supplement needs. For a competition or for recreation, a roving positions and a handlebar heights are different. It also depends on a coherence of any person. A flesh coherence exam will also help. So we can advise what’s good for their bodies.

What do we consider of a internal cycling stage now?

Yannapon: Cycling has been renouned given a opening of a Sky Lane about 4 or 5 years ago — not usually highway bikes, though also tri bikes. It’s especially since people are apropos some-more health conscious. It’s good for their health. When they sight and rehearse severely and eat properly, they see implausible formula and start to remonstrate their friends to float too. So a village now is removing bigger.

Andrew Gerking and Yannapon Thumapun Occupation: Bike fittersLocation: Sukhumvit 26

Small changes in any partial of a bicycle make a large disproportion on a rider’s opening and comfort. “With a wrong saddle height, it can means flesh and corner injury,” Yannapon said. “On an normal cyclist, a revolutions per notation are around 80. In one hour, that’s 4,800 revolutions. Repeated suit mistakes can outcome in knee pain.”

Yannapon creates use of his credentials as a personal tutor to share performance-supporting recommendation to a business and tests a coherence of hamstring and hip flexors of any cyclist.

The bike fitter gives particular courtesy to observe business when he or she rides on a bike. “Within a process, we are always looking for feedback from a riders,” pronounced Andrew. “They’ll tell us what creates them feel good. Does this feel good? Do we like this? Is this uncomfortable? The riders are revelation us what they like, though as we go by a process, we keep in mind what their goals are.”

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