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Jazz musicians are accustomed to winging it, though Peter Martin unequivocally wasn’t certain what he was in for when he incited adult during a East Room of a White House for a state cooking in 2011. He and a rope had been intent for a underline performance, “but that means opposite things to opposite people” and a sum were surprisingly deceptive for such an event.

Martin would not have been astounded if he was asked to offer as a saved hotel run pianist, tickling a ivories in a credentials as heads of state and diplomats solved all a world’s problems. Instead, a opening was many some-more adult tighten and personal — for a initial time in dual decades, he was shaken before a gig.

“And partial of that is usually because, we know, it’s a boss of a United States and a First Lady and a boss of China [Hu Jintao] was there, former boss Clinton,” Martin said. “It’s tough not to demeanour over and get a tiny shaken when we see all those folks. But they unequivocally listened, that was a other thing. we kind of figured we’d be personification in a background, they didn’t unequivocally give us a whole lot of information, though it was a genuine performance. It was a good experience.

“They unequivocally wanted to benefaction jazz song as America’s song to a Chinese. Everyone’s sitting down, unison gymnasium style, solely they are sitting unequivocally tighten to a stage, and we played for like 30 minutes. And everybody listened, there was no business or politics going on, it was unequivocally usually entertainment.”

Martin achieved during a White House twice, once on a same night as his statue Herbie Hancock, and a shows mount as highlights in a career that has so distant taken him opposite a US and to such opposite places as Angola, a Canary Islands and northern Norway. He has played in Bangkok twice before and is returning with his possess contingent for a initial time to title a Thailand International Jazz Conference during Mahidol University’s Salaya campus subsequent weekend. As good as bringing a eventuality to a tighten on Sunday night with a brew of a trio’s upbeat instrumental pieces and a preference of standards, any member will reason particular workshops.

The contingent boasts Gregory Hutchinson on drums, who worked alongside Martin on Dianne Reeves’ Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated soundtrack to Good Night and Good Luck, and Robert Hurst, who has contributed his talent on a drum to 7 Grammy-winning albums, spent a best partial of a decade in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show rope and is in consistent direct after work with artists such as Michael Buble and Paul McCartney. Hurst is an occasional member of a trio, stuffing in for bassist Ruben Rogers, who played on Martin’s latest album.

“I’m very, unequivocally propitious to have, we don’t even wish to contend fill-in given Robert’s a first-call bassist for Diana Krall and worked with [trumpet virtuoso] Wynton Marsalis for years. He’s a personality in his possess right,” Martin said. “It’s a good thing to have him accessible and we’re indeed operative together utterly a bit this year.

“I know a lot of good musicians and of march a tip players are always in demand, though we try to not usually demeanour during good players though good combinations, generally for drum and drums. That’s a unequivocally special and critical attribute in any band, generally in a contingent where we usually have 3 members, so any purpose is super important.

“Personally, this contingent unequivocally gets along too. We’re all unequivocally good friends. That’s not always a case. To me, that’s a good bonus. The many critical thing is song and how we proceed it.”

Music has been partial of Martin’s life given a beginning, as his relatives were exemplary musicians and he was seated behind a piano and taught to collect adult a violin from a age of three. His talent shone during his high propagandize years, earning him a Presidential Scholar in a Arts endowment from Ronald Reagan and after graduation a grant to a Juilliard School in New York.

Apart from a childish cheating with football and basketball, there was never unequivocally a time Martin wanted to do anything else. He appreciates he is vital a dream, and as a jazz musician is always looking to be in a impulse — “it’s always a subsequent gig and a subsequent solo, a subsequent performance”.

He did, however, postponement to simulate final year when Reeves won best jazz outspoken manuscript during a Grammys for Beautiful Life.

“That was a record we was super concerned with, we wrote some of a music, we played on a lot of it and did a lot of a arranging. It’s always fun to be partial of a plan that you’re ardent about, and afterwards it does get some kind of recognition. Although, when we’re creation a record, you’re unequivocally not meditative Grammy. You try to make a good record and afterwards maybe it gets recognized a year or a year-and-a-half later.”

After some-more than dual decades in a industry, he pronounced usually a White House performances done him shaken and he had never been starstruck — though he does acknowledge to feeling vehement any time he encounters Hancock.

“I kind of know Herbie, I’ve famous him for 20 years plus. By know, we meant I’ve been around and had tiny conversations with him, though given he’s somebody we spent so many time investigate his song as a immature child and he’s so successful on me as a musician. That will never go away, that excitement.

“Herbie’s a super honeyed guy. He’s unequivocally intelligent about song and personification a piano, over even what everybody can apparently hear in his playing, he’s got a unequivocally intelligent proceed of articulate about his whole proceed to song and his whole proceed to personification a instrument. It’s always sparkling for me to be around him and reap some of that knowledge. Sometimes we consider we know all about somebody like that if we investigate their song a lot, though afterwards it’s fun to hear his take and proceed on it.”

While his prior visits to Bangkok were in support of some-more famous names, Reeves among them, Martin is anticipating for a same “very keen and responsive” tie when a assembly hears his possess band. He pronounced a throng can design a multiple of strange song from his latest manuscript and some standards, and “a lot of improvising, a lot of interaction”.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re looking brazen to personification and saying a assembly there,” he said.

“With prior audiences, it was unequivocally easy for us to connect. In a initial integrate of tunes not usually are we removing a feel for a organisation of course, as musicians you’re also removing a feel for a audience, saying how people respond. Every assembly is different, even in a same country, though I’m anticipating for a identical certain believe as prior times in Thailand.”

The Thailand International Jazz Conference runs from Friday, Jan 29, to Sunday, Jan 31, with 4 acts behaving any night from 6.30pm. The Peter Martin Trio headlines a final night on Sunday. Tickets for a dusk concerts cost 800 baht per night. A three-day discussion pass costs 3,000 baht including all performances and workshops. Visit or call 02 849 6565 ext 6603 and 6609 for some-more information and bookings.

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