State eyes loan criteria to tamp down NPLs

A lady walks past an ad house during GH Bank’s domicile compelling loans for a Pracha Rat low-cost housing project. SOMCHAI POOMLARD

The Bank of Thailand has asked a Government Savings Bank (GSB), GH Bank and Krungthai Bank (KTB) to jointly set capitulation criteria for pre-financing loans for a government’s low-cost housing intrigue underneath a Pracha Rat (People’s State) beginning to forestall loans branch green in a future.

“The executive bank wants a 3 banks to jointly set a lending criteria for skill developers participating in a cheap-housing intrigue given these banks don’t have imagination in pre-financing for genuine estate projects,” pronounced GH Bank comparison executive vice-president Chatchai Sirilai.

Under a scheme, a 3 banks will lend 10 billion baht any to plan developers. The banks will assign 4% for a initial dual years, followed by a normal smallest lending rate reduction one commission indicate via a residue of a term.

Apart from a 30 billion baht in pre-financing, GH Bank and a GSB will lend another 20 billion baht any for mortgages to a low-cost housing scheme. Both banks will assign no seductiveness for a initial year, 2% for a second and third years, 5% for a fourth to sixth years and floating rates for a remainder.

With a special rate and loose debt-servicing limit, those who buy or franchise homes labelled 700,000 baht or reduction will compensate a monthly rate of 3,000 baht for a initial 3 years, 4,000 from a fourth to a sixth years and 4,500 for a remainder.

The intrigue is directed during assisting authorised participants means a 30-year franchise or debt on a home. The affordable housing will be built by a Treasury Department and private sector. First-time buyers (including state officials) who are self-employed or differently acquire a low or capricious income will be eligible.

Mr Chatchai pronounced a 30 billion baht in pre-financing loans would initial be lent to growth projects with no some-more than 200 units and investment of 200-300 million. The 3 banks will need developers to account 70% of a project, with loans creation adult 30%.

GH Bank has solidified many plan financing business given a 1997 financial malaise, usually fluctuating pre-financing loans to unit developers where it can to control studies on let demand, he said.

For a 40 billion baht in mortgages to a low-cost housing scheme, Mr Chatchai pronounced authorised homebuyers have practical for 15 billion baht value from Mar 23-25 during GH Bank and GSB. He pronounced 8,000 field sought 6.7 billion baht in mortgages during GH Bank, with 300 seeking 280 million baht undergoing approval.

GH Bank estimates the allotment of mortgages will be approved in two months.

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