The art of concealing a artist

Country thespian Monsit Khamsoi invited conjecture about his sexuality when he expelled his new singular Am we Wrong? in November. In a ballad, a crooner asked: “Am we wrong to have a heart of a masculine nonetheless enterprise a tree from a same woods?”

If a lyrics were too coded, Monsit’s choice of outfit fuelled a fan theories that a 51-year-old had come out as gay. While singing a song, he customarily dons a festive purple jacket, a colour compared with happy organisation in Thailand, and is corroborated by a organisation of katoey dancers. Monsit uses his signature outspoken range, that done him an doubtful star dual decades ago, to remonstrate a assembly he is singing his heart out.

Offstage, however, Monsit declined to put a conjecture over his passionate welfare to rest.

“There is zero wrong with being happy or whatever. People can be whatever they want,” he said, dodging a question. “I am Monsit Khamsoi, that’s who we am. we sing a katoey song, nonetheless it does not meant we wish to come out.”

His attribute standing yields no clues: he now lives with his tiny feathery dog in a condo in Bangkok. Monsit apparently adores his pet, as he showed photos on his mobile phone to Brunch many times during a interview.


Monsit shot to luminary in 1996 with Sang Nang, that translates as “tell my girl”. The strain depicts a impulse a plantation child is about to leave his swain to work in a city.

The warn strike catapulted Monsit to luminary and his stardom was cemented by a array of luk thung hits that followed. His songs from that epoch portrayed a thespian as a straight, lovelorn masculine from a farming area.

The overnight success was a prolonged time in a making, as Monsit was deserted by a series of strain labels before his vast break. The masculine from a northeastern range of Mukdahan pronounced notwithstanding his singing talent, a labels regularly “rejected me since of my looks”.

After time on a singing competition circuit, Sure Entertainment sealed him and expelled his initial manuscript in 1995.

The initial singular — called Kai Kwai Chuay Mae or “selling buffalo to assistance mum” — was a assuage strike and it was his second manuscript with a strain Sang Nang that done him a star. Monsit’s normal looks and relatability won a hearts of many fans who felt they could brand themselves with him.

He is also an permitted star, happy to association with fans after shows and rise durability connectors — during a interview, one fan called his mobile seeking for lottery numbers.

There have been ups and downs during Monsit’s dual decades in a industry. At a tallness of his fame, Monsit caused headlines when he fathered a child out of wedlock. While it caused a scandal, a news did not harm his behaving career — his concerts remained popular.

Given his history, no one approaching November’s single, a initial strain he expelled in 6 years, to be about a happy man. Penned by Boy Khammarat, a strain was creatively named Purple Tears.


Decades ago, it was banned for a luminary to exhibit they had a mother or a family, not to discuss their passionate welfare if they were not heterosexual. This was mostly for selling reasons: record tag executives or those behind a film and TV industries wanted to emanate images of fascinating singers and actors, that would be undermined if spouses or children were in a picture.

In new years, however, celebrities and fans comparison have turn some-more gentle about treating performers’ personal matters overtly and focusing on a peculiarity of their work.

A integrate of years ago, thespian Pongsak “Aof” Rattanaphong motionless to come out. He was quoted as observant that, after initial reluctance, he wanted to tell a law once and for all so he could pierce on and his fans could combine on his music.

Perhaps a many startling proclamation came from Sunny, once a member of Thai child rope U4, who were renouned in a 1990s. Once a heartthrob, Sunny, or Yanwarut Sutthawas, publicly came out after undergoing transgender medicine to turn a woman. She knew her loyal gender temperament during a band’s successful phase, from 1992 to 1996, nonetheless did not exhibit it since a fans competence not be ready.

Many years after U4 disbanded, Sunny followed her heart and underwent a gender reassignment surgery.

However, nation singers seem to have a sold separator opposite entrance out as happy while their careers are still active.

There are of march suspicions and conjecture about a series of nation singers, nonetheless nothing have certified it publicly for fear of spiteful their recognition with fans.

“It is not startling for a masculine nation thespian to be gay. It takes a delicate side of a artist to beautifully croon a nation song,” pronounced a strain tag executive who asked not to be named.

“The attention knows who’s who nonetheless nothing have pronounced that publicly,” a executive added.

“You have possibly a loyal artist or a transgender. Otherwise, a artists would not exhibit their passionate preference. It is still formidable for their fans to accept this fact. It is also singular for a masculine nation thespian to sing a strain about a quandary of one’s passionate preference. Otherwise, this subject is treated as a joke.”

Thai nation singers strech out to their fans by furloughed to venues such as church fairs, removing adult tighten and personal with their supporters. Many nation singers have a multitude of groupies who would put banknotes on a singer’s garlands to uncover their appreciation whenever they perform. For example, Kott Chakraphan’s good looks and singing talent attracts a vast organisation of womanlike followers.

Asked if he was endangered over fan greeting to a happy song, Monsit said: “Today, strain fans understand. They can hoop a law that their idols are normal people. They also have wives and children.”

In reality, though, a strain tag executive pronounced it is formidable for masculine Thai nation singers to have an open review about their passionate preference. “Their fans might not be prepared yet,” he said.


Before November, Monsit had not expelled a singular for a prior 6 years since of a indeterminate economy. But he did not blur divided and continued to perform live via Thailand.

A integrate of years ago, he sparked conjecture over his passionate welfare when he seemed on a TV speak uncover with a masculine crony he described as really close.

“We can't stay divided from any other for some-more than 3 days,” he pronounced on a show. His crony was not in a strain industry. In a following days, several news outlets reported Monsit had come out.

Monsit attempted desperately to finish a conjecture by observant that he had an insinuate attribute with a woman. But it did not seem to finish a conjecture about his passionate preference.

Last year, a writer during Sure Entertainment asked if Monsit wanted to sing a strain about a happy masculine called Am we Wrong? Monsit said: “Of course, we wish to sing this strain for a third gender.”

Monsit sang a strain with katoey dancers to illustrate a thesis of a song, in that a thespian was in a quandary of being trapped in a masculine body. When a strain was expelled in November, a accepting did not accommodate Monsit’s expectations. The series of YouTube viewers in one month was about 50,000, subsequent a entrance strain of Yae Jatiya, a new nation thespian for Sure Entertainment, that drew some-more than 200,000 in a same period.

“I suspicion it would be a strike like Pleng Sud Tai, nonetheless it is not,” he said.

Pleng Sud Tai, or “the final song”, is a absolute ballad expelled in 1987 as partial of a soundtrack to a film of a same name about a transgender showgirl. While a strain was creatively sung by a woman, diva Suda Chuenban, it has been massively popular, mostly since it poignantly expresses a problems of being transgender.

Although Am we Wrong? did not turn a prodigy Monsit expected, he has some consolation. “Wherever we go, my fans always asked me to sing aged songs such as Sang Nang or Open a Wrong Letter. But some began seeking me to sing Am we Wrong? So we consider it’s OK that we have new fans from this song.”

But don’t design Monsit to dwell on this argumentative subject for long. The thespian pronounced he was operative on his subsequent song. “I consider it will be different. It is expected to be fun with a quick rhythm.” Perhaps, one strain has pronounced enough.

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