The large issue: We contingency ‘do something’

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha (left) and United States President Barack Obama travel behind to their seats after posing for a family design during a 2nd Asean-US Summit during a Myanmar International Convention Center in Myanmar’s collateral Naypyidaw on Nov 13, 2014. (AFP photo)

A military deputy summed adult a conditions ideally after tough coercion unsuccessful to branch a New Year’s holiday highway slaughter. “People are positively not removing a message,” a deputy told reporters from a TV news station. In Toronto.

The try to force or contrition drivers into protected control was, as a internet puts it, a FAIL. But as Canadian Pol Const Clint Stibbe’s talk showed, it wasn’t usually Thailand where drivers refused to stop drinking, stop speeding and, to put it in a phrase, stop behaving like jackasses behind a circle … or, maybe some-more accurately (because motorcycles were concerned in some-more than 83% of a 3,379 critical accidents from Dec 29 to Jan 4), holding a handlebars.

Canada has cut highway fatalities drastically, with years — decades — of intensely focused and unchanging effort, of that impounding cars and impediment suspects is usually a small part.

Yet final Dec 28, though a lick of logic, a notice arose in Thailand that putting infantry on a streets and highways to assistance military seize thousands of vehicles, a destruction would stop. Rub a lamp.

Today, nonetheless a few realistic holdouts trust that usually a small some-more impounding and jail sentencing will stop a slaughter, many people should have schooled final week that there is no sorcery solution, no present heal and generally no singular sip of elixir to heal a Thai highway destruction — “should have” being a user phrase.

US President Obama passes by Gen Prayut during a 10th East Asia Summit during a 27th ASEAN limit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Nov 22, 2015. (EPA photo)

By coincidence, Thailand and America have demonstrated nonetheless again how identical they are during a core. Many competence still mistake or even brawl a speculation that a leaders and people of a dual nations so really mostly act probably identically. Yet, once again final week there were Mr Obama and Gen Prayut scratching during a strenuous enterprise to Do Something about their large problem of a day.

In both cases, what they did gratified all their supporters and some of their opponents. In both cases, if they had acted earlier, what they did would have influenced 0 — 0 about gun control in a US, 0 about trade deaths on a 7 dangerous Thai days usually concluded.

Mr Obama believes it competence be some-more formidable now to obtain guns to lift out destiny mass shootings like a one in 2012 during a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in that 6 teachers and 20 children died and finished him cry. Truth: if he had acted 5 years ago, his new manners would not have influenced that mass shooting.

Gen Prayut’s high-level response to a New Year highway massacre was to sequence a anathema on new licences for a flourishing brigades of double-decker buses. If usually he had finished that a month before … 0 would have happened. The holiday highway fee would have been accurately a same: 380 dead, 3,505 injured.

The US and Thai leaders proclaim, and their supporters evangelise that, “if it saves even one life …”. This is not a terrible slogan. It contingency be recognized as feel-good rhetoric, however. It could equally be settled as: “Just one some-more bit of vigour on law-abiding people competence stop a criminals.”

In a US, President Obama’s new decrees will indeed have tighten to 0 outcome on gun purchases. In Thailand’s case, it’s distant from transparent that a ubiquitous primary minister’s preference will even be put into effect. Rather absolute voices and successful total seem certain to check a “immediate” finish of those moving double deckers, and a check could infer open-ended.

Either way, a US still is faced with a nearby certainty, as tighten as “damn” is to swearing, that some-more people will die in mass shootings. Double deckers or not, Thailand is faced with a nearby certainty, as illusive as nonetheless another crime scandal, that a highways will continue their purpose as metaphors for abattoirs and graveyards.

Holiday highways competence be safer in Thailand in years, or some-more expected decades. Maybe. But a past Seven Dangerous Days valid they won’t get that approach usually by backing a roads with infantry and checkpoints. Thousands of drink-drivers killed hundreds of people. They weren’t even checked, and there are not adequate infantry and military to check them.

Good drivers, solemn drivers and well-behaved drivers, are not born. They are made. Now, no one creates them, including a junta and a army.

The ubiquitous primary minister’s still capricious anathema on double-decker buses competence gangling lives down a highway (no joke intended), though it will not make a hole in a annual highway slaughter. As certainly as criminals and madmen will obtain guns and fire trusting people in a US and around a world, so drinkers and bad drivers will continue to kill and censor trusting Thais on the highways.

It is unfit to stop all of this. Stopping many of it is possible, though as Canada’s Pol Const Stibbe says, some people won’t listen.

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