Thung Song bank-vault poser ends

Technicians in Nakhon Si Thammarat ready to use an electronic scanner to demeanour inside a locked, century-old protected in a former bank building. (Photo by Nutcharee Rakrun)

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT – The poser surrounding a century-old bank protected in Thung Song district reached an anti-climactic finish on Thursday when a indicate suggested zero profitable was sealed inside.

The preference to use a tubular device to demeanour inside a former Siam Kammajol Bank building was done after a assembly between Tossaporn Chantaraprawat, a Thung Song district chief, Songchai Wongvacharadamrong, a Thung Song mayor, and officials of a State Railway of Thailand and Siam Commercial Bank, all of whom had a interest in a deserted structure.

The 108-year-old building had been taken over by a state railway to use as a load centre after a bank – a foregoer of Siam Commercial – sealed decades ago.

The former Siam Kammajol Bank building in Thung Song district will keep a tip of a vault. (Photo by Nutcharee Rakrun)

All a parties had done several attempts given Nov to open a vault, though with no success. It was motionless that before another try was made, a room would be surveyed electronically. If anything profitable was discovered, new locksmiths would be brought in.

Using a tube, a technician snapped photos of a interior of a protected and detected it contained usually dual boxes, one done of wood, a other of iron.

Everyone concluded during that indicate to give adult perplexing to collect a locks.

The protected was detected when a Thung Song railway workman was contemplating a building in credentials for creation a structure a chronological museum.

With a vast throng of extraordinary onlookers, safe crackers in late Nov struggled, though were incompetent to open a 4 century-old thatch that rhythmical a safe’s poser but deleterious a antique mechanism.

Another attempt, with opposite specialists, was made a few days later, with a same unsuccessful results. Another dilettante afterwards pronounced he could open it within 3 days for 25,000 baht.

A technician in Nakhon Si Thammarat uses a scanner to demeanour inside a locked, century-old protected in a former bank building. (Photo by Nutcharee Rakrun)

The internal municipality put a brakes on a devise as it attempted to establish if it was value a cost and effort.

With a unsatisfactory finish to a treasure-hunt mystery, Mr Tossaporn pronounced a city will only leave a protected sealed and continue on with a 10 million baht devise to revive a two-storey building, withdrawal destiny visitors to consternation what competence be inside that iron box in a sealed room.

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