Video belies pile-up driver’s story

A pickup lorry motorist concerned in a deadly pile-up in Bangkok is being investigated for killing and brazen pushing after video justification contradicted his matter to police.

Pol Capt Vichane Homsuwan, emissary review arch during Tha Phra military station, pronounced a pickup truck-motorcycle collision happened on Wednesday, a stormy morning in Bangkok, in Tha Phra tunnel. The 28-year-old biker, identified as Virasak Horthong, died from conduct injuries postulated in a crash.

The pickup driver, Somsong Wanthamat, 37, told military he was streamer to a propagandize in Samphanthawong district to broach bread when a collision occurred.

“I was pushing in a same line as a biker, who was in front of me. The biker mislaid control of his appurtenance and we strike a brake, though a highway was slippery,” Mr Somwong told police.

Pol Capt Vichane pronounced a Mr Somwong’s breath-alcohol exam returned a reading of 147mg, good over a authorised pushing extent of 50mg.

He was primarily charged with splash pushing while military checked for CCTV footage and questioned witnesses before laying any serve charges opposite him.

However, a video of a deadly collision went viral online. Facebook Tharat Pankhao wrote: “I was there, perplexing to assistance a biker. we asked a pickup motorist about a collision and he pronounced that a biker who was in front of him unexpected mislaid control of a bike and he could not stop intime, though this video tells a opposite story.”

Facebook user Oui Nana asked: “Why did a motorist continue to expostulate brazen after a collision? Clearly, a plant did not tumble on his own. The driver’s foolishness is to blame.”

However, some netizens were also vicious of a motorcyclists in a video, indicating out that trade regulations criminialized them from regulating a tunnel.

Video credit: Facebook user Aum Pensiri

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