Waging a fight of resistance

No fan of a military: Sirawith Seritiwat, or Ja New, is again in a headlines after his thespian arrested outward Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus on Wednesday night.

Thammasat tyro Sirawith “Ja New” Seritiwat has never suspicion of himself as quite good off. The 23 year old, who studies domestic science, is from an typical family in Min Buri. The military, however, seems to cruise differently. During a new residence call, officers remarked on how he owns a soaking appurtenance and a “nice bike”.

News of a comments finished it onto amicable media and caused a stir. Public total took cinema of themselves with their soaking machines and bicycles, posting them on Facebook in oneness with Mr Sirawith.

The fact that people even cruise him a tyro is a source of exasperation to a government. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha took a appropriate during his educational status, saying, “I wish to know how prolonged he has been a tyro and when he will graduate.”

Mr Sirawith pronounced he’s never attempted to lengthen his studies to rivet in politics. “This is my fifth year. Technically I’m a final year tyro though we haven’t been means to pass a mandatory English exam yet, and we wish to pass it,” he explained.

Following a manoeuvre in May 2014, Mr Sirawith’s name began gaining inflection on a domestic stage as a member of a four-person Resistant Citizens group.

The organization has been a thorn in a side of a junta, sensitively protesting by walking together, and stuffing a blank left by silenced anti-coup campaigners including Sombat Boonngamanong and red shirt politicians Nattawut Saikuar and Jatuporn Prompan.

The plump tyro also leads a New Democracy Movement, for that he organized a outing to a scandal-hit Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin final month, notwithstanding warnings from a government.

The group’s sight was intercepted in Ratchaburi province, and a 40 or so activists were prevented from completing their tour “for their possess safety”.

While a troops supervision has attempted to play down his activities, people outward a republic are fervent to know some-more about him.

Members of a American media asked US State Department orator Mark Toner for information on what had happened to “Ja New” shortly after he was arrested by a troops final week.

Mr Sirawith was whisked divided from Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus by masked organisation in deception outfits who came in pickup trucks with lonesome looseness plates about 10.30pm on Wednesday night.

Gen Prayut pronounced a detain was for violating a anathema on open public and domestic activity during a Rajabhakti Park trip.

While disappearing to answer specific questions about Mr Sirawith, Mr Toner pronounced US officials “remain endangered by continued stipulations on tellurian rights and elemental freedoms in Thailand, including undue restrictions on leisure of countenance and pacific assembly”.

The orator pronounced a US urges a Thai supervision to honour people’s right to leisure of expression.

On Friday, Human Rights Watch called on a Thai supervision to urgently examine a “abduction and purported violence and mistreatment” of Mr Sirawith by soldiers.

The organization also questioned because he and 5 other New Democracy Movement activists were confronting charges in a troops court, given general tellurian rights law prohibits governments from regulating troops courts to try civilians when municipal courts are functioning.

The name “Ja New” was trending on Twitter in Thailand for 3 days.

Security-camera footage of his detain showed 3 uniformed soldiers grabbing Mr Sirawith from a travel outward a campus.

He was afterwards frog-marched into a car and driven divided as dumbfounded bystanders looked on.

Mr Sirawith was handed to Nimitmai troops hire during 1am, withdrawal questions over what soldiers had finished with him for some-more than dual hours.

The tyro after pronounced he had been blindfolded with a cloth bag over his conduct and driven to an different location, where he was dragged out of a pickup lorry and by a field, before being forced to kneel down.

Officers asked him: “Do we wish to be famous? Why do we speak to journalists? Don’t we know your duties to offer a nation?” He pronounced they kicked, slapped and jabbed him in a conduct with something hard, that he suspicion was a tub of a gun.

There were no signs of any earthy abuse by a time a alloy from Siriraj sanatorium examined him during a Thon Buri Railway Police Station a following morning.

NCPO orator Col Winthai Suvaree strongly denied a attack allegations, and pronounced a tyro romantic had turn increasingly provocative, forcing a junta to take action.

The detain came one day after Mr Sirawith posted a Facebook design of a justice summons mouth-watering him to hear a outcome of an interest lodged by a Resistant Citizens group, that filed a rapist fit opposite 5 coup-makers, including Gen Prayut.

The try to lay fraud charges opposite a coup-makers has already been discharged by one court, though a organization refused to behind down and appealed a decision.

The pickup trucks that whisked Mr Sirawith divided had their series plates hidden, though were reportedly from Gen Prayut’s Burapha Payak multiplication in Prachin Buri.

The some-more a troops has pressured a student, a louder their critics.

Now a Office of a United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is propelling a troops to dump all charges opposite 11 tyro activists it is posterior for violating a NCPO’s anathema on domestic gatherings of some-more than 5 people.

The students face a limit judgment of 6 months in prison.

“The right to pacific public and leisure of countenance and opinion are elemental rights and should never be regarded as a critical rapist offence,” pronounced Laurent Meillan, of a OHCHR’s Southeast Asia branch.

“We titillate a authorities to dump all charges opposite a students.”

Mr Meillan pronounced a fact a students are being charged with breaching an NCPO sequence rather than an typical law means their box will be listened by a troops court, that raises a risk of an astray hearing and leaves defendants with no right to appeal.

“OHCHR is also endangered that soldiers allegedly placed a hood over Mr Sirawith’s conduct when he was arrested, and that he was slapped and kicked while in custody,” he said.

“The divining soldiers allegedly unsuccessful to brand themselves, gave no reason for his apprehension and did not advise Mr Sirawith where he was being held.”

The supervision should examine a allegations of hurt and concede a National Human Rights Commission of Thailand to lift out an eccentric review into a incident, he added.

“The authorities, including all confidence officials, not usually have a avocation to make a law, though also to safeguard that they themselves reside by a law during all times,” pronounced Mr Meillan.

As a celebration to a International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a Thai supervision is thankful to strengthen a polite liberties of all a citizens, including a right to be stable opposite capricious detention, to be sensitive of any charges opposite them, to be given entrance to authorised warn and to face an eccentric and just tribunal.

Mr Sirawith is most like David, confronting a Goliath that is a NCPO, though a eyes of a universe are watching.

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/836736/waging-a-war-of-resistance

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