We need a distant improved airfield experience

Suvarnabhumi has been in operation for 10 years, and lacks a amenities that could make it charming, as good as efficient. (Video squeeze from ‘Suvarnabhumi Airport’ YouTube)

As a visit traveller, we customarily finish adult nearing during a airfield during slightest 3 hours before a flight, be it domestic or international.

Just final week on my lapse from Singapore, we was dynamic to be a small progressing than usual, so as to be means to locate adult on my reading.

Walking into a depot 4 hours forward of a flight, we was awaiting a common early check-in counter, after all we was travelling in economy class. But to my surprise, Singapore’s Changi has upgraded a early check-in counters into a loll for all airlines.

Struck by a improvements during their age aged “Terminal 1”, we could not assistance yet consider about Suvarnabhumi airport. When it non-stop in 2006, a airfield — notwithstanding a allegations of swindle in a construction routine not to discuss a state of a runways — was deliberate a showcase for a segment and stood as a probable challenger to a likes of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as a heart for transport from Europe to a segment and to Australia and New Zealand.

Umesh Pandey is Asia Focus editor, Bangkok Post.

In a camber of 10 years, a 141-billion-plus baht that was spent on a construction of Suvarnabhumi seems to be going nowhere since a partially privatised Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) is riddled with mismanagement.

Changi has done good strides in charity an “experience” for travellers. Its garden within a airfield was replicated by a likes of Kuala Lumpur and today, a Terminal 3 is state-of-the-art with container claims surrounded by palm trees creation people feel as yet they have only landed in paradise, nonetheless a existence of course, is that it is zero yet a vast — yet intensely well-designed and laid-out facility.

The light mutation of Changi’s ageing Terminal 1 has also taken many visit travellers by surprise. The palliate of going by check-in, immigration and confidence checks have all helped to emanate a reduction stressful knowledge that is no compare for any of a other airports in a region.

At Changi, once one checks in and goes by immigration, a traveller would find it easy to lay and tell with views of aircraft holding off and landing, a stadium for children, and even a mini-theatre. Seats are supposing with sockets that concede people to block in their phones to charge, not to discuss immature areas where chairs are accessible for travellers to lay and read, or simply kill time before their flight.

Now take a demeanour during a most touted “state-of-the-art” Suvarnabhumi airport. Walk into a check-in area and we will hear an huge pole from a thousands of people clamouring to check in. The early check-in counters are self-existent and wherever they are, they are positively not allied to Changi’s loll or anything even close. The immigration lines are most a same, if not longer.

Walk offer into a depart area and what we see is a selling paradise, yet wait, a selling bliss with fundamentally a same things being sole during each corner, interjection to King Power and a competence to be means to daub each singular block in. of space.

The Surayud Chulanont administration, that was commissioned by a coupmakers, deserved some credit for clearing a walkways that King Power had occupied, providing some-more space for restaurants during a centre of a depart terminal. For a few months, a few chairs were commissioned to give people an event for some rest from their emporium and walkathons.

But today, those chairs have been transposed with supposed “temporary” sales booths. According to sales assistants, these proxy booths have been in place for months and will continue to be there. Any caller to Suvarnabhumi airfield will notice a ineffectual use of space and that there are really few spots where one can sit.

I, for one, would adore to see a immature area during a centre of a selling formidable that King Power has built. It could offer as an area where travellers can lay and read, discuss or simply wait for their moody in peace.

While King Power is in a spotlight after Leicester City won a EPL championship, a lane record for supervision of a sell area during a airfield is a opposite story. But we can't censure a private sector. Its pursuit is to try to maximize a outlay from each baht spent. On a contrary, it is a pursuit of a authorities, such as AoT, and in sold a troops supervision to keep these businesses in check.

“Temporary” sales booths should not be authorised during any cost, and a supervision with all a energy could assistance make a airfield a improved knowledge for travellers.

Article source: http://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/970837/we-need-a-far-better-airport-experience

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