Will Mozambique recover from its $2bn corruption scandal?

It’s become known as the “hidden debt scandal” … and is one of the biggest corruption cases in recent years.

A court in Mozambique has begun delivering its verdict, which is expected to take five days, in the trial of 19 people accused of a wide range of financial crimes, in connection with the $2bn scheme.

The defendants are mostly former senior government officials – including the son of an ex-president.

So, how will Mozambique move on from this financial crisis?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Denise Namburete – Founder, N’Weti

Fernando Lima – Investigative journalist

Borges Nhamirre – Researcher with the Public Integrity Center in Mozambique

Article source: https://www.aljazeera.com/program/inside-story/2022/11/30/will-mozambique-recover-from-its-2bn-corruption-scandal