Czechs Jirí Šmejc and Karel Komárek Want to Take Control of Casinos Austria

The Austria Gaming Holding of Karel Komárek (left) and Jirí Šmejc (right) intends intends to lift a interest in Casinos Austria / Picture: © KKCG a.s. / Home Credit B.V.

Currently, Austrian Gaming Holding binds a 29.63 percent interest in Medial Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.

Austrian Gaming Holding intends to acquire additional 59.26 percent.

Medial in spin binds 38.29 percent of shares in Casinos Austria AG.

The designed merger routine can be objected to within 14 days.

Behind a AGH Austrian Gaming Holding are both a conglomerates KKCG and Emma Capital of a Czech billionaires Jirí Šmejc and Karel Komárek.

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