The Future of Tourism in Vienna Lies in Overseas Guests

Vienna Tourist Board and Vienna Airport have extended their cooperation with the aim of acquiring international long-haul connections. This extension came into force with the signing of the “Smart Air Service Development 2021-2025” agreement. The Tourist Information Office at the airport also reopened after eight months, just in time for travel season.

The direct accessibility of Vienna from large parts of the world was one of the advantages of Vienna as a business and vacation destination before the Corona crisis. Vienna Airport and Vienna Tourist Board had already agreed in 2016 to jointly acquire routes for Vienna, especially on long-haul routes. The agreement, which has now been extended to 2021-2025, aims to reactivate connections discontinued by Corona and to inspire new airlines to fly to Vienna.

Regarding the agreement, Norbert Kettner, Director of Vienna Tourist Board, said, “In the decade before the pandemic, Vienna’s tourism growth was twice as strong from distant markets, which can only reach Vienna by air, than from Europe. In order to be profitable again, Vienna’s tourism needs guests from overseas and an airport as a strong long-haul hub also in the future. I would like to thank Vienna International Airport for the excellent and successful cooperation in the past, during which we have been able to attract 25 new flight connections–from Montreal to Jeddah to Shanghai–to Vienna since the cooperation agreement was established, and I look forward to continuing to pull together on the way out of the crisis.”

Julian Jäger, member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG stated, “The Corona crisis has severely limited global air travel tourism, but an upturn is in sight. Many airlines have already resumed their connections to Vienna or are expanding their offerings. Together with Vienna Tourist Board, we have succeeded in the past in establishing Vienna as a top international destination for tourism and congresses, and we intend to continue on this course in the future. Together we will do everything in our power to bring even more airlines from all over the world back to Vienna! I am therefore very pleased about the extension of the cooperation.”

Growth through connectivity

Until the Corona crisis, 45 percent of all Vienna guests traveled by air, and in the particularly high value-added congress sector, this number was even more than three quarters. In the ten years before the pandemic, the growth in overnight stays in Vienna from long-distance and overseas markets was 122 percent, more than double that from Europe. While increasingly efficient rail transport is gaining in importance over shorter distances, there is no alternative to long-haul air connections when traveling from long-distance markets that generate high added value.

Focus on metropolitan regions with high incoming potential

“Smart Air Service Development 2021-2025” builds on Vienna’s location strategy “Vienna 2030 – Economy and Innovation” and the City of Vienna’s “Visitor Economy Strategy,” which stands for sustainable destination development taking into account the needs and interests of visitors and residents alike. Accordingly, Vienna Tourist Board and Vienna Airport focus on long-haul connections from metropolitan regions with high incoming potential and cooperation with network carriers to promote the hub function of the location. The focus is on the recovery of connections discontinued during the Corona crisis and the acquisition of new long-haul routes. Vienna International Airport and Vienna Tourist Board are coordinating their efforts in defined markets. In the acquisition process, Vienna as a business location is presented with all its advantages, while Vienna Tourist Board supports the newly acquired connections with marketing activities in their market of origin. In addition, Vienna Airport and Vienna Tourist Board cooperate closely in market research and lobbying with airline partners. The Smart Air Service Development Strategy will continue to be further developed in the future through regular evaluation.

Airport Tourist Information Office open again

The Tourist Information Office at the airport reopened its doors on 1 July after eight months, just in time for the increased travel season due to the gradual easing of travel restrictions and school holidays. Arriving guests are given advice and tips on Vienna there daily from 9:00 to 17:30. The Tourist Info opposite the Albertina has already been open since 19 May, and the one at the main train station since 10 June.

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