The Transformation of Panasonic India: Part 1

Providing locally customized products and driving digital transformation

Then the latest phase was about creating products and solutions, which are customized for the Indian market. We cannot simply propose global products to Indian consumers. Sometimes they might be over designed, or their cost might be too high for Indian consumers. And another aspect is the specifications and features of the products that are valued are very different. A simple example is that for a television which is developed for the European market, people may like the guitar sound more. However, in India, they like the drum sound more. So, we needed to customize those products and we have since developed a lot of products customized for the Indian market – a series of televisions called ‘Sound for India’ was developed. There was also an exclusive product which we designed in collaboration with Japan’s RD team called ‘Cube Air Conditioners’.

This phase was also about digitalizing our products and solutions and to tackle this, we set up the India Innovation Centre (IIC) in Bangalore to improve our software development capabilities. And I’m extremely delighted to share with you that through the India Innovation Centre, we are now instituting a rapid shift in digitalization both in products and processes. In last four years, the India Innovation Centre has provided a lot of software development capabilities, and the top product which is coming to my mind is called Miraie. This is a platform (an IoT- and AI-enabled home appliance control system), which we have developed purely from scratch in India, and today, thanks to Miraie, we are one of the leading manufacturers of smart, connected and energy efficient air conditioners, home appliances and electrical devices. This is a major shift from where we started when our dependency on Japan was very high for products. Today, we are adding a lot of value locally to customize our products and to add value by making them smart, connected and energy efficient.

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