‘Donald Trump of Europe’ favourite to turn new Austrian president


May 21, 2016 09:46:05

Norbert Hofer

Norbert Hofer perceived 35 per cent of a votes in a initial round. (Supplied: Kim Traill)

Promoting policies allied to those of Donald Trump, ultra jingoist personality Norbert Hofer looks expected to be a new boss of Austria.

This weekend a nation heads to a polls for a final turn of their presidential elections.

In a outcome final month that dumbfounded many, a 45-year-old smooth-talking claimant for Austria’s distant right Freedom Party (FPO), perceived an rare 35 per cent of a votes in a initial round.

Alexander Van Der Bellen debate print with a aphorism whoever Loves their Homeland, doesn't order it

Independent Austrian presidential claimant Alexander Van Der Bellen is corroborated by a Greens. (Supplied: Kim Traill)

It was a strongest display for a FPO, a ideological descendants of a Nazi party, given 1955 when Austria regained autonomy after World War II.

The 72-year-old eccentric corroborated by a Greens, Alexander Van Der Bellen, came in second with 21 per cent and will now conflict it out opposite Mr Hofer for a mostly rite purpose of president.

The possibilities for a dual centrist parties, that have ruled in bloc given 1955, a Austrian People’s Party (OVP) and a Social Democrats (SPO), any perceived chronological lows of only over 11 per cent in final month’s ballot.

That outcome has mostly been blamed on their parties’ doing of a interloper crisis.

Austria supposed 95,000 haven seekers in 2015, though initial euphoria gave approach to widespread open fears about how a nation of 8.5 million could support and confederate them.

In a arise of a SPO’s catastrophic result, Werner Faymann, a SPO Chancellor, resigned.

Hofer ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’: Young European Greens

Mr Hofer’s guarantee to “put Austria first” has had good interest to an increasingly endangered electorate.

“People are voting with their feelings. They are afraid,” Axel Gotsmy, a counsel and interloper activist, said.

A believer of Mr Van Der Bellen, he added: “They have a sense that all is out of control and they don’t know what will happen. They are disturbed about their children, about their pensions and a interloper predicament is augmenting their fears.”

“They wish elementary answers and a Freedom Party has elementary answers.”

Defaced debate print of Norbert Hofer overlaid with an design of him wearing a Nazi pitch - a cornflower

A debate print for Mr Hofer is defaced and overlaid by a design of him Hofer wearing a cornflower in his lapel – a pitch used by a Nazis. (Supplied: Kim Traill)

Mr Hofer’s domestic responses, all delivered with a winning grin and echoing Republican US presidential carefree Mr Trump, embody building a blockade along a southern limit to keep out refugees, deporting those who have had their haven explain deserted and “stopping a advance of Muslims”.

With a desirable demeanour, Mr Hofer cuts a pointy contrariety to his colleague, FPO authority Heinz-Christian Strache, who is famous for his notoriously oppressive anti-foreigner rhetoric.

But critics see no disproportion between a two.

“Hofer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Cengiz Kulacs, a personality of a Young European Greens, said.

“He appears unequivocally medium and is unequivocally intelligent in front of a public, though he is rationalising a same distant worried German jingoist sermon as Strache.”

As recently as 2013, Mr Hofer attended celebration gatherings wearing a blue cornflower on his lapel, a pitch used by a Nazis.

The former aeronautical operative is also a self-confessed gun partner and Margaret Thatcher fan.

Crowded Brunnenmarkt in Vienna

Vienna’s Brunnenmarkt district is home to a vast migrant population. (Supplied: Kim Traill)

Mr Gotsmy has been distributing how-to-vote flyers for Mr Van Der Bellen in Vienna’s tenth district, an area of low-income workers who traditionally behind a Freedom Party.

“My fear is that Hofer will win and that a conditions will finish adult like in Poland or in Hungary, that have autocratic, odious systems,” he said.

Mr Van Der Bellen, himself a son of immigrants from a Soviet Union, is job for togetherness and tolerance.

Mr Gotsmy, however, is fearful a waves of open opinion is opposite a former professor.

“The many stories about crime recently have given people a sense we can’t understanding with a refugees,” he said.

‘I am not a Nazi, though we should demeanour after a people who are here’

A month ago, 3 teenage Afghan haven seekers were charged with a rape of a 21-year-old lady in a Vienna sight station.

And early this month, a 54-year-old lady was murdered in a Vienna travel marketplace by a Kenyan interloper with a prolonged rapist record.

“We don’t wish rapist immature group here who rape women,” Herman Mitterer, a clergyman from Tirol, who skeleton to opinion for Mr Hofer, said.

Mohamad Alzoiun in Vienna

Mohamad Alzoiun (centre) arrived in Austria from Syria with his family 7 months ago. (Supplied: Kim Traill)

“Police news that a turn of steal is unequivocally high and it’s unequivocally dangerous, generally for women.

“It’s not fine that someone like a African man who killed a lady can stay in a country. He already had 18 prior convictions. He should leave,” he said.

“Many refugees can’t find work since they are illiterate, so we have to compensate for them and a amicable complement will mangle down.

“We need to demeanour after a possess people too. we am certain we am not a Nazi, though we should demeanour after a people who are here.”

Mohamad Alzoiun fled with his mother and dual sons, aged 6 and 7, from Hama in Syria final year.

Initially firm for Germany, he motionless to stay in Austria.

Mr Alzoiun is not endangered about a probability of anticipating himself in a nation with a boss who doesn’t wish him here.

“They have a right to opinion for a celebration they want,” he said.

“We left Syria since we had no democracy. So many refugees came here and we can know how a people feel.”

Protestors with signs collected outward a bureau of a Austrian president, demonstrating opposite Norbert Hofer

Protesters denote opposite Mr Hofer outward a bureau of a Austrian boss in Vienna. (Supplied: Kim Traill)





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