Independent Van der Bellen wins Austria presidential election


May 24, 2016 08:43:27

Alexander Van der Bellen binds his palm in a atmosphere in front of a crowd.

Alexander Van der Bellen has won a rite purpose of President. (AFP: Roland Schlager)

Austria has narrowly avoided apropos a initial nation in a European Union to opinion in a far-right claimant as conduct of state, instead electing a 72-year-old former personality of a Greens celebration to be a subsequent president.

After an choosing on Sunday that was too tighten to call, Austrian officials spent many of Monday counting hundreds of thousands of postal ballots that finished adult vaulting Alexander Van der Bellen past Freedom Party opposition Norbert Hofer and into a rite post of President.

The Interior Ministry gave Mr Van der Bellen 50.3 per cent of a vote, compared to 49.7 per cent for Mr Hofer, who had run on an anti-immigration platform.

“A lot of people in this nation evidently feel that they aren’t being seen or listened enough,” Mr Van der Bellen pronounced after a outcome was announced, vocalization in a tinge that was anything though triumphant.

“We need a opposite enlightenment of discourse and a domestic system, that deals with people’s fears and annoy … we will also work toward winning a trust of Norbert Hofer’s voters.”

Mr Hofer conceded better in a post on his Facebook page, thanking his supporters and revelation them not to be despondent.

“Of march we am unhappy today,” he said.

“I would have favourite to take caring of a smashing nation for we as president.”

Mr Hofer’s better averts an annoying reversal for Europe’s domestic establishment, that is increasingly underneath hazard from populist parties that have profited from concerns about a region’s interloper predicament and years of diseased expansion and high unemployment.

“It’s a service to see a Austrians reject populism and extremism,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls pronounced on Twitter.

“Everyone in Europe contingency pull lessons from this.”

Austria is a comparatively moneyed country, though it has been during a centre of a record liquid of migrants from a Middle East, fanning open rancour towards a dual centrist parties — a Social Democrats (SPO) and a regressive People’s Party — that have dominated politics given a finish of World War II.

Postal votes foster Van der Bellen

Sunday’s provisional result, that did not embody a postal ballots, showed Mr Hofer forward with 51.9 per cent to Mr Van der Bellen’s 48.1 per cent.

Who is Norbet Hofer?

Promoting policies allied to those of Donald Trump, ultra jingoist personality Norbert Hofer was deliberate a favourite to win a election.

But a SORA institute, a pollster, had pronounced that postal ballots were expected to foster Mr Van der Bellen since they are traditionally used by some-more prepared voters.

The institute’s choosing day polling showed 81 per cent of electorate with a university grade had corroborated Mr Van der Bellen and 86 per cent of workers voted for Mr Hofer.

But some commentators contend Mr Hofer has a genuine possibility of seizing control of a Parliament during Austria’s ubiquitous choosing in dual years’ time.

“The polls, a Freedom Party has over 30 per cent, while a Social Democrats and a Christian Democrats that are in a Government both usually have 20 to 22 per cent,” Christian Rainer, editor-in-chief of Profil magazine, told ABC’s AM program.

“There is xenophobia and governments that don’t unequivocally know how to hoop a refugees and a interloper crisis. Nationalism is flourishing and it’s a tact belligerent for a worried and right nonconformist parties.”

Analysis from Europe match Steve Cannane:

“The new boss faces large challenges. He is a Green-left politician, a child of refugees who is pro-immigration, understanding of minorities and in foster of a European Union.

“He now has to find a approach of ordering a nation where scarcely half a people only voted for a far-right politician who vehemently disagrees with only about all he stands for.”

Mr Hofer’s recognition had unsettled leaders elsewhere in Europe, quite in neighbour Germany where a new anti-immigration party, a Alternative for Germany (AfD), is on a rise.

In France, a National Front of Marine Le Pen is heading in polls forward of a presidential choosing subsequent year.

Across a Channel, a UK Independence Party is campaigning for Britain to leave a European Union in a referendum on Jun 23.

Mr Hofer, 45, has described himself as a centre-right politician and told electorate not to trust suggestions from other parties that he would be a dangerous president.

But his celebration has a roots in Austria’s Nazi past, a story a nation has not confronted as plainly as Germany.







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